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Kaifeng three-dimensional laser marking machine co-ordinate optics - laser marking machine application cost is more cooperative and co-ordinated optics - popular laser marking machine horizontal comparison and co-operation optics - optical control Q-switched technology introduction to co-ordinate optics -- laser marking in the field of switching power supply ——Laser marking in plastic products

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The discharge pipe of CO2 laser lettering machine is connected to the storage bronchus on both sides, that is, one end of the storage bronchus has a small round hole connected with the gas discharge pipe, and the other end is connected with the spiral return pipe and the exhaust pipe, so as to enable the steam body to circulate the system in the gas discharge pipe, and the steam body can be circulated in the storage and support pipe, and the steam body in the gas discharge pipe can be removed at any time. Carbon dioxide laser lettering machine is widely used for marking and hand carving of nonmetallic materials of acrylic and plastic products; It has developed and designed the ability to identify high carbon steel. Fiber laser cutting.

The training plan is as follows: in the city where the buyer is located, the company's internal training staff will carry out free skill training for 2-3 technical practical operation and maintenance staff of the buyer, The training plan includes: 1. Basic knowledge of laser 0 risk safety protection 2. Basic concept of laser generator and structure of laser marking machine 3. professional skills of special laser marking mobile phone software 4. Practical operation of machine and common problems laser cleaning machine.

Process laser marking machine for semiconductor material side pump: the same application surface as the lamp pump YAG laser marking machine, but it is stable and the price is moderate. Process laser marking machine for semiconductor material end pump: the same application surface as the lamp pump YAG laser marking machine, stable and energy saving, but used for high-grade production and high price. Optical fiber line laser marking machine: laser marking is meticulous, energy saving, maintenance free, used for high-end products such as mobile phone and function keys. The price is high. Machine classification: laser beating of semiconductor material series products

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CO2 laser marking machine, which is a CO2 laser marking machine of Shenzhen Tianxiong laser equipment Co., Ltd., is a laser scanning vibrator laser lettering machine which uses CO2 vapor as the working material. CO2 laser generator uses CO2 as material to charge CO2 and other auxiliary steam bodies into gas discharge pipe to increase the voltage at the electrical level. Arc discharge is caused in gas discharge pipe, which makes the light wave length released by the steam body as the laser. After the laser kinetic energy is increased, the focus is gathered by scanning galvanometer scanner and f-theta mirror,

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Advantages of CO2 laser marking machine: the CO2 laser generator is a universal model, and the post focus method is small in size and high in integration level. The equipment can be marked by a large number of non-metallic laser, such as paper plate packaging, plastic products, adhesive stickers, leather products, glass ceramics, resin plastic, bamboo products, PCB board, etc. CO2 laser generator is a steam body laser generator with far infrared frequency and light wave length. The CO2 vapor is used to fill the gas discharge tube as the material to cause the laser. When the working voltage is widened on the electric level and the arc discharge is caused in the gas discharge tube, the molecular structure of the steam body can be released from the laser, and the laser will be produced after the laser kinetic energy is increased.

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CO2 laser marking machine is also called CO2 laser marking machine, and its main uses are more common. It is mainly used in various industries such as wooden furniture, plexiglass board, metal sheet, marble, amethyst, coriander, printing paper, Furong board, aluminum oxide, leather products, epoxy resin, plastic materials, medical equipment, ceramics, textile laser cutting and other industries. 1. Dot matrix manual carving point array manual carving looks like a high-pixel dot matrix printing. The laser cutting head moves up and down, and each time a line composed of a series of points is carved manually. Then, the laser cutting head moves left and right to carve several lines manually, and the back side forms the whole image or text. The scanner pattern, text and vectorized document can be carved manually by dot matrix. Laser spot welder.