Laser engraving machine.

The material is cut by high-energy laser beam, which causes the material to burn or evaporate rapidly, and then forms holes. It decreases with the beam moving to the material, thus completing the cutting of the material.


Its materials are: plexiglass, plastic, double color plate, glass, bamboo, wood, foam, cloth, leather, rubber sheet, stone, artificial stone PVC board, double color board, wood products, metal plate, stone, crystal, Keli, paper, double color board, alumina, leather, resin, spurting plastic metal and so on. And in the furniture industry, mainly used in wood carving or cutting.

There are many small laser engraving machines in the market, so there is no need to worry about where to buy them. Imported original equipment, domestic independent design, all available, then laser engraving machine which brand is good? What are the important features of small laser engraving machine selection? Will the following reasons help your choice?

First, the different carving materials are the basis for choosing laser micro carving equipment. Engraving is divided into fiber laser engraving and diode laser engraving. The former is mainly for metals, while the latter is mainly for non metals.
Fiber laser engraving machine

Secondly, how to deal with the material, there are three functions of general small laser engraving machine, namely carving, cutting and marking. Of course, according to the power of small laser engraving machine, the power of the machine is different. It is more suitable for 3 10 watt small laser engraving machines to complete these three functions simultaneously.

Thirdly, to size the area of the carving material, we should choose laser engraving machine according to the size of the carving. We should choose a large laser carving machine, which is expensive and wasteful, and small and not beautiful. The engraving machine is relatively slow. Fourth, the motivation is different. The small laser carving machines on the road of carving are divided into 3W small laser carving machine and 10W laser carving machine, and 20W fiber laser carving machine. According to your different materials, different choices can be made. 3W small laser carving machine can carve wood, plastic acrylic (white and transparent, surface black treatment), leather, bamboo, etc. Bone fire can be used to burn materials, or color paper can be used to carve materials, such as ceramic glass crystal. 10W carving machine is the carving material of 3W carving machine, and then carves coca cola cans, stainless steel (drawing surface and matte surface), back of various mobile phones, anodizing, electrophoretic coating, dark color plating and other metal materials. In stainless steel cans, we recommend using a small laser engraving machine of 10W (dt1), which is better. And for laser engraving, we will choose metal carving machine.
Glass laser engraving machine

Fifth, carving speed, I believe most customers want a fast finished product, think that only need to be fast, large quantities can create more profits. But one disadvantage is that it is fast and not equal to good quality. Fast product quality and good price will be the advantages. Therefore, more consideration is given to the choice of cost performance. At this point, more suggestions will be made to use the fiber 20 Watt laser engraving machine.