laser engraving machine for wood

There are many uses of laser engraving machine. Here are 18 applications, please refer to:

1. Trademark: make all kinds of employee badges, door plates and signboards

2. Model making: making sand table model, house model, etc

3. Shoe industry: sole trademark pattern processing

4. Jewelry decoration industry: jewelry fine carving, decorative products carving

5. Wood: used for relief design and production

6. Advertising and gift making industry: used to carve all kinds of two-color board signs, plexiglass, van der Waals, three-dimensional billboards, decorative gifts, two-color statues of people in light boxes, relief medals, wall mounted lamp houses, light guide board carved lamp houses, organic board embossed three-dimensional door heads, etc

7. Automobile industry: tire mold, lamp mold and decoration mold processing

8. Tobacco industry: used for packaging anti-counterfeiting signs, template production and cigarette word wheel production

9. Mold industry: button relief mold, injection mold, blow mold, stamping mold, glasses mold, etc

10. Seal industry: seal engraving of various fonts and materials
Acrylic laser engraving machine

11. Camera aperture zoom parts and scale processing

12. Packaging industry: box, bag, carton, plastic pattern making

13. Printing industry: used for concave convex board production

14. Manufacture of watch case mould

15. Golf lettering and thread processing

16. Inkstone carving

17. Bowling ball lettering

18. Bathroom faucet carving

19. Laser engraving machines are used in many ways

It can carve organic glass, plastic, double color board, glass, bamboo, foam plastic, cloth, leather, rubber board, stone, artificial stone, PVC board, double color board, wood products, organic glass, metal special board, glass, stone, crystal, Corian, paper, double color board, alumina, leather, resin, spray metal, etc
DIY laser engraving machine

The basic operation process of laser engraving machine is as follows:

(1) Power on

1: Turn on the water pump, air pump and let the water in the laser tube circulate for 3 minutes

2: Turn on the host

3: Turn on the fan power
plastic laser engraving machine

4: Turn on the laser power, and use the light test key to detect whether there is light

5: Open the control software to detect whether the upper, lower, left and right optical heads move.

6: Place the workpiece, adjust the focal length, use 63.5mm = 2.5 "or 73.5 = 3" long focal length lens for thick material cutting, and use 50mm = 2 "short focal length lens for fine carving.

7: Operate the computer to transfer files and start carving.

(2) Shut down

Turn off the laser power supply, main engine, fan, water pump and air pump in turn.