laser engraving machine malaysia

Please choose from the following points:

1. Accuracy and effect

Computer laser engraving machine

According to the accuracy, they are domestic glass tube laser engraving machine and imported gold RF tube laser engraving machine. Glass tube machine precision is poor, the effect is poor, most of them are large format machine, used to do high precision rough machining and customization. Imported metal RF tube laser engraving machine has high precision, stable operation power and output energy, and good effect.

2. Budget

According to the budget, the glass tube laser engraving machine is now cheaper in China, with the lowest price of 12230000; Imported metal RF tube laser engraving machine is more expensive, at least more than 100000.

3. Service life

In terms of service life, the failure rate of glass tube laser engraving machine is high, and the stability of the machine is not guaranteed, so it often needs maintenance; The overall stability of CO2 metal RF tube engraving machine is very high, and the failure rate is very low. It can basically be used for more than ten years, and the gas of laser tube can be filled in the middle.

4. Security

According to the current statistics, China is the only country in the world that still uses glass tube laser engraving machine, with the largest number of users and machines. Other countries are already using laser engraving machines for metal RF tubes. Because the safety of the glass tube machine is low, the machine itself has not passed many safety tests, the connection and operation between the components can not be guaranteed, and the glass laser tube burst is often encountered. Metal RF tube laser engraving machine has high security and stability, which is suitable for enterprises and universities.

Acrylic laser engraving machine

In fact, it mainly depends on your budget. After all, the imported machine is more expensive, but in terms of performance and capacity, the cost performance is higher than that of domestic glass tube laser engraving machine. The reason why we know so much is that our company has bought these two kinds of machines. At the beginning, it was also because of the budget problem that I bought the glass tube laser engraving machine. Just one month after I bought it, it exploded three branch pipes, and it was not very good. The maintenance was very frequent and the cost was high. Later, I bought a laser engraving machine for metal RF tubes. It has been used for nine years now. Basically, it hasn't broken down and has high precision. It is suggested that you still buy imported machines. If the budget is really low, there is no way. If we use the imported RF tube laser engraving machine, we can locate the high-end market and explore the market. Relatively speaking, the profit is also higher. In modern society, the low-end market is basically white hot, which is not very good in terms of sustainable development.