Laser is also productivity -- from science fiction film to laser carving equipment in reality!

Micro engraving laser is dedicated to providing small and medium power laser machines for users all over the world, including laser engraving machine (Arts and crafts industry), laser cutting machine (acrylic plexiglass advertising industry), laser marking machine (logo marking machine and leather shoes industry), laser engraving machine (weaving bag, carton, non-woven cloth bag printing, plate making and engraving printing machine), laser cutting machine (clothing, industrial filter cloth, etc.) Clothing laser cutting machine (plate making and printing machine, clothing accessories, clothing hot stamping and plate making kraft paper cutting machine), super large format laser cutting machine (industrial paper cutting machine), paper cutting laser cutting machine (paper cutting machine), paper cutting laser cutting machine (cloth cutting machine), paper cutting laser cutting machine (cloth cutting machine), cloth sticking laser cutting machine, cloth sticking machine, etc.

Laser cutting equipment - laser cutting equipment - laser cutting equipment.

The scope of application covers textile, clothing, industrial fabrics, advertising, technology, printing, packaging, electronics, furniture, decoration, metal processing and other industries, and has a number of national patents and software copyrights.

Applicable industries: clothing, footwear, home textile, shoemaking, fabric, leather, luggage, outdoor sports, car seats.

Main uses: cutting of clothing, shoes, rubber, cloth, bags, camping supplies, car seats, etc., laser cutting of cloth embroidery, special-shaped trademarks, safety helmets, etc., carving and hollowing of clothing leather, spray of semi-finished products and finished products.

Application materials: pure cotton, silk, all kinds of chemical fiber, denim, velvet and other textile raw materials, or non-woven fabric, real leather, artificial leather, artificial leather, soft leather, finishing leather, packaging leather and other leather and leather raw materials;
Micro laser engraving machine

Laser micro engraving machine, laser micro engraving machine, laser micro engraving machine filter cloth and other industries are widely used!

Laser machine is mainly divided into: laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine, laser marking machine. But engraving machine and cutting machine are mostly integrated, its main function is to produce different cutting thickness effect when the power is different. Laser is the use of laser beam, so that a substance evaporation exposed in the deep, causing a physical change of a substance, produce a chemical change, or a method, through the light energy, some substances will be burned, showing the need to depict graphics, text, at the same time it can also be connected with ERP system. Laser is divided into flat plate laser and galvanometer laser.
Fiber laser engraving machine

Plane laser device.

The difference between planar laser and galvanometer laser lies in the moving cutting mode of laser beam. In plane laser, laser beam or laser head is cut by movement. The optical system is fixed in the equipment shell. The larger the machine, the larger the processing area.
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Laser Galvanometer device.

In the laser galvanometer system, the light beam is cut by the reflection of the lens to move through the position of the laser. The lens is driven by a motor. Because almost no physical part needs to be accelerated, the laser beam can irradiate the processing metal with extremely high speed, extremely high precision and repeatable way. Generally, the galvanometer is used in the laser marking machine, and the size of the marking area depends on the reflection angle and focal length of the optical element.