Laser logo car button, extraordinary details

At present, China has become a big country of automobile production and consumption in the world, and the family penetration rate has increased year by year. As cars become the main means of transportation for families, the iteration of automobile production level must be accelerated. For example, most of the key icons on cars now use laser marking technology, which represents a higher level of production.

There is no need to use icons to explain. This is the basic detail design element of car buttons. Without icons, there is no operation guide. You can only press one button. Conventional painting and printing methods are easy to pollute the environment. Over time, it is easy to fade and discolor, affecting the appearance and use experience. The information is clear and durable, not easy to fade.

Laser engraving machine, acrylic.

Generally speaking, car keys are made of plastic or metal. The laser marking machine can be used to deal with all kinds of mainstream key materials conveniently. Due to the irradiation of high-energy laser beam, the surface materials of car keys will evaporate or undergo chemical reaction to change the color, so that the permanent marking laser marking machine, whether it is the steering wheel key or the air-conditioning key, has good beam quality, and has small focal spot, gear key or car key, which can achieve ultra-fine marking. For the automotive industry which pursues efficiency and quality, the visible exquisite details and touch quality icons are undoubtedly the best solution for logo processing.

Computer laser engraving machine

In addition, the laser marking machine used a variety of processing materials, the car key shape, size, processing environment have greater freedom. The product can be identified online through the assembly line, which meets the requirements of the development of modern automobile industry in the direction of automation.

Optical fiber lithography equipment.

Functional characteristics

High quality light source, excellent light spot quality.

Compact, fast, stable and reliable performance.

Support one key switch multi language.

Built in linear guide, stable structure.

Process application.

It is mainly used for surface marking of plastic, stainless steel, alumina, copper and other alloy materials.

Program display.