Laser marking airport mirror

How to choose the laser marking airport mirror? When you buy, you should first consider the following aspects:

What wavelength field mirror should be used? What size of field mirror should be used? What is the focal length of the field mirror? What is the spot size of the field mirror? What is the size of the field mirror?

About wavelength. It must be matched with your own machine, but many terminals don't know what wavelength your own machine is. Here the wave rises the laser to tell you, the non-metallic machine is generally micron, namely CO2 field mirror; The wavelength of the semiconductor machine, that is, the machine mainly used to make metal, is 1064nm; And laser engraving machine, green laser machine, field mirror for 532 nm wavelength.


About format. Many customers want to buy a large format field mirror, because they have to consider that their products will be bigger this time, and they also think that their products may be bigger next time. Maybe they need a larger format. For long-term interests, they buy a large format field mirror. But you forget a problem. The larger the field mirror is, the larger the focal length and working distance of the corresponding field mirror are. The longer the focal length is, the larger the laser spot will be. All of them are the same. If the laser is distributed on the larger spot area, the energy density will be smaller, which will lead to the shallow marking depth. As we all know, the attenuation of laser energy in the air is very severe. That is to say, the larger the focal length of the field mirror, the greater the laser energy loss, the thicker and shallower the lines. Therefore, the format of the field selection mirror must be suitable, not blindly large.


Third, focus. Under the condition of the same format, due to the different design and processing capacity of the major field mirror manufacturers, the field mirror with the same format will appear, and the focal length will be different. Langqi laser believes that in the same format, the shorter the focal length, the better. However, due to the design process, it is impossible to be infinitely short, so we need to find a field mirror that is as short as possible, because the field mirror with short focal length is deep and the line is thin. Another thing to note is that the shorter the focal length, the smaller the depth of focus, and the higher the requirement for the flatness of the surface of the object to be marked, so the surface of the object with undulation or arc is not suitable to be marked with the field mirror with short focal length. Long focal length, long focal depth, so that the object surface has a little undulation is allowed, will not affect the marking effect. However, we should also note that the longer the focal length is, the smaller the energy density of focusing will be, and the shallower the marking will be. Therefore, we should pay attention to selecting a higher power laser to match it. For a discussion on the depth of focus, see another page, depth of focus

Fourth, about the facula. In general, the galvanometer of our marking machine is generally 12 facula, so we can choose 12 facula for our field mirror. However, some customers buy field mirrors to make galvanometer welding machines. As we all know, the galvanometer of welding machines is generally large light spot, such as 20 light spot, 25 light spot, 30 light spot, 36 light spot and so on, so the field mirrors we choose should also be matched with it. Most of the problems in the domestic galvanometer welding machine are due to the fact that the field mirror with large spot can not be found. The field mirror with small spot will burn out at once when it bears the high power of welding machine.

Laser marking airport mirror

The fifth is about the selection of field mirror thread. As we all know, below the galvanometer is the connecting mirror, so the thread of our field mirror must be suitable for our galvanometer. There are several kinds of galvanometer thread, such as M85 * 1, M102 * 1, m * 1, m58 * 1, M55 * 1, and so on. The common one is M85 * 1. The thread interface of imported SCANLAB galvanometer is M79 * 1. If you really can't find the corresponding field mirror, there is a solution. You can get a screw adapter. Generally, the manufacturers that make the marking machine cabinet have this thing

Selection of laser marking field mirror

In Laser marking machine, our common lenses are 50 * 50, 110 * 110, 160 * 160, 220 * 220, 300 * 300, 500 * 500, etc. How to use a different lens is actually how to choose a different focal length, which is mainly determined by several factors: the size of the marked object; The size of the marking range required; The fineness of processing and the matching of the whole equipment are needed.

The focal length has something to do with the working distance. But the focal length is not equal to the working distance. When the object is relatively large and the marking range is enlarged, the lens required is relatively large. Manufacturers usually like to scan and mark a wide range. Junchuang laser warm reminder: you blindly increase the scanning area, there will be a lot of problems. That is, when the scanning area reaches a certain degree, the light spot diameter is very large, the focus is not small enough, the light spot becomes larger, the distortion increases, the laser power density drops quickly, and the working distance increases, which will inevitably lead to the loss of laser energy. It is not conducive to precision machining.

In addition, when choosing the focal length, you should also consider the overall configuration of your equipment. If your equipment is a Laser marking machine and a 10W optical fiber marking machine, it is recommended that the good lens should not exceed 300 * 300. The larger the laser lens is, the greater the laser consumption will be, and the poor beam quality will lead to the decline of the marking effect.

What is the price of laser marking airport mirror?

The optical fiber marking machine is a 1064 wavelength field mirror. The cheaper one is more than 1000 yuan, and the more expensive one is 12000 yuan. It depends on who you are looking for. In addition, the larger the size of the field mirror, the higher the price. The imported one is more expensive than the domestic one. It covers 70, 110, 175, 220, 300, 400, etc. It depends on which one you have.

When you buy laser marking airport mirror, you can refer to the above content to choose, but also pay attention to choose Laser marking machine business, to choose regular laser marking airport mirror business, such as junchuang laser is very good.