Laser marking car buttons, details of "ingenuity"

Nowadays, China is the world's leading automobile producer and consumer, and the household penetration rate is increasing year by year. When cars become the main means of transportation for families, the iteration of automobile manufacturing level must be accelerated. For example, all kinds of key icons on cars are now mostly completed by laser marking technology, which represents a more advanced level of production.


The importance of the icon is self-evident, it is the basic element of car button detail design, no icon is like no operation guide, can only press one. Traditional or printing or spraying methods are easy to pollute the environment. With the passage of time, it is easy to fade and decolorize after a long time, which affects the beauty and use experience. The laser engraving text pattern information is clear and permanent, the effect is good, will not fade off.

Acrylic laser engraving machine

Generally, the automobile keys will use plastic or metal materials. The laser marking function can easily deal with various mainstream key materials. The surface materials of the car keys are partially irradiated by high energy laser beam, which makes the surface materials vaporize or have chemical reactions with color changes, thus leaving the permanent marking Laser marking machine with good beam quality and small focus spot, Whether it is the steering wheel key, air conditioning key, gear key, or vehicle key, it can achieve super fine marking. The visible ingenuity details and the touch quality icon are undoubtedly the best marking processing solutions for the automotive industry that pursues efficiency and quality.

Computer laser engraving machine

Besides, laser marking has a wide range of processing materials, and has a great degree of freedom for the shape, size and processing environment of automobile keys. At the same time, it can be marked online with assembly line, which meets the requirements of the development of modern automobile industry to the direction of automatic production.


Fiber laser engraving machine
  1. Functional features

High quality light source, good spot quality

Small volume, fast speed, high performance stability

Support multi language one button switching

Built in linear guide rail, stable structure

  1. process application

Most of the plastics and stainless steel, alumina, copper and other alloy materials surface marking.

  1. process display