Laser marking is so wonderful

People usually print the printed image on black tissue paper, but they don't know that there is a high-tech game playing method, which is laser marking. In fact, it has already entered our daily life.

There are many materials used in laser marking equipment, such as tissue paper, hard paper, wrapping paper, thin wood board and acrylic board. And where does pattern design come from? It's very simple, that is, according to the drawing on the computer, with exclusive production software, you can change the specification, model and pixel number.

The computer application is connected with the laser marking machine. In other words, the copier will also show the corresponding pictures. And surprisingly, the printing speed is especially fast. According to the clarity of the image, the laser cutting head continuously uses the ink jet printer, which is very regular.

The laser cutting head can also control the length and width of the image on the material itself, and finally can cut the laser according to the proportion of the configuration. Laser marking is a new world of cutting-edge technology, which takes into account the contemporary spray painting and computer automatic control system.

Nowadays, there are many laser marking works in the sales market, such as photo album and picture combination. Most of us like to carve it out by hand with wooden board, and then circle it in another way. This book is very retro and fashionable. Many people also make it to give birthday gifts to friends or love letters to lovers.

If you want to use acrylic board, it will be made into plastic products. Some patterns and molds can be made. Many manufacturers have embedded this kind of technology now. Laser marking and stamping molds have been added to the course content of many design industries, which shows that it has a bright future.

Usually you often see stainless steel plate Aquarius and glass window are all laser marking out of the book. It's much simpler than traditional hand engraving. You only need a device and a computer to complete what you want. Bamboo printing is a kind of literary practice left by ancient people, especially writers, like to write the font style in bamboo, and bamboo is also the representative of modest gentleman. Laser marking can renew the culture and art of modest gentleman.

Optical fiber laser cutting is also an excellent technology to assist manual carving. The automatic cutting machine can cut the raw materials according to the specifications and models in advance, and cut them into shapes bit by bit according to the spray painting. After its own renovation, it can become a work of art. Because its regulations are relatively high, the price is relatively high.
Micro laser engraving machine

Laser marking also has a major advantage, that is, environmental protection, not only can save raw materials, but also control costs. The diameter of light and light spot is not big, about equal to 0.05mm, and will not be controlled by time, so the pressure of human work is less.

It can also ensure reliable security, and is not easy to suffer from external influence resulting in DC transformer deformation. However, it should be noted that the vapor caused by laser marking will be discharged out of the window. Because it contains the taste, some people smell is not suitable.

Classification of light source of laser marking machine

At present, the key lamp sources of laser marking machines on the market are CO2 lamp source, optical fiber line lamp source, purple lamp source, green lamp source and diode lamp source. The light wavelength is not the same, manual carving efficiency is also very different
Ceramic tile laser engraving machine

The key materials suitable for hand carving of CO2 laser marking machine include wood, leather products, plastics and other non-metallic materials

Optical fiber line lamp source, the key hand carved materials are metal materials or relatively dense materials with car paint. Generally speaking, wood is not very good for hand carving, unless it is relatively dense and of great strength

Purple light source is a kind of relatively high-grade light source. Manual carving is very meticulous and the scope of manual carving is common
Fiber laser engraving machine

Green light source. You may have seen many three-dimensional images in the middle of acrylic board. Generally, all of them are hand carved with green light source. It can carve transparent laminated glass and other materials by hand

The diode light source, originally used to be the lighting source for stage lighting, has completed a beautiful transformation in the field of laser marking. The basic principle of manual carving is somewhat similar to that of lighting cigarette butts under the sunlight of high-power magnifier.