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At that time, we inspected several companies, including Han's laser, general laser and tongkuai laser. After comprehensive consideration, we cooperated with general laser. Although general laser is not as famous as Han's laser, it is also a brand. We have a branch in Yantai, which our leaders attach great importance to. Now our cooperation is good.
Laser engraving machine price
Laser engraving machine price

There are such old brands as Han's, Huagong's, Ted's, newvinci's and Sangong's. among them, Han's and Ted's are in Shenzhen, Huagong's and Sangong's are in Wuhan, and newvinci's is in Suzhou. These are some of the companies that do laser marking machine well in China. Han family started with laser marking machine, but now the main force is laser automation and high-power cutting machine. The main focus of Huagong now is on 3D printing and the research and development of new laser equipment, and the main force of Sangong is now mainly on the dicing machine. Now only Ted and newfinch are still focusing most of their energy on laser marking machines..
laser engraving machine

It depends on my personal preference. There are several famous brands in China, such as Xiangsheng, Han's, Huagong, etc., but I will choose Xiangsheng a little more. Xiangsheng's laser marking machine is highly reliable
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There are many commonly used brands. All the products that laser instrument has contacted are imported products. What do you want to do? Different brands have different function points. It's too hard for the dial indicator to be aligned after the maintenance of the pump. There is also the possibility of subjective manual error. It depends on what you are looking at. If you are right, you can choose to buy easy laser. Swedish easy laser is a professional laser alignment instrument, which can complete the axis alignment of rotating equipment and some complex geometric measurement (such as concentricity measurement, flatness measurement, parallelism measurement, pulley measurement). If you need to know, pay attention to the website of authorized agent in China, you may be surprised.