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Can refer to Shenzhen point precision vision laser marking machine
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1. To determine the type of machine, if you want to choose a suitable laser marking machine, you should first make clear what products you want to mark, and then know what effect you want to print for the goods, so that you can roughly understand what type of laser marking machine you should buy. Different materials, different needs have different marking machine to match, but also to see how the machine's laser quality. Laser can be one of the most important parts for marking machine, its quality can affect the quality of the whole machine. Therefore, users should choose the imported marking machine. The beam quality and electro-optic conversion rate of the imported machine are relatively good. Of course, in the case of lack of funds, it is also possible to choose the domestic one.
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2. Check the quality of Laser Galvanometer. The galvanometer of laser marking machine is one of the important factors that affect the marking pattern. A good galvanometer can increase the electro-optic conversion rate of laser marking machine, and improve the marking speed and graphic accuracy of laser marking machine.
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3. Easy operation of the whole machine. When choosing a laser marking machine, users should try to operate it by themselves. It's much easier to choose one with simple operation than one with complex operation.

4. After sales service of suppliers. Good after-sales service can guarantee the users after they purchase the machine, so they don't have to worry that they can't find someone to solve the problem when there is a problem with the machine. Common after-sales services include the distribution, training, installation, debugging, testing and so on.