Laser marking machine has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry recently

Recently, Laser marking machine has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. A new generation of laser marking is a highlight. The pharmaceutical industry has a set of strict requirements for drug health. Drug Laser marking machine is not only high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, but also safety, health, zero toxicity, zero pollution.


According to the research, the general spray marking method is often not safe and environmental protection because the coating contains toxic substances. Secondly, as special commodities, health care products and drugs need to be coded on the packaging to meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for traceability. Laser marking machine can accurately engrave delicate, clear and long-term patterns or words, which can not be wiped and changed, and has certain anti-counterfeiting effect. At the same time, laser marking does not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, which will not damage the processed object.


Laser marking has been successfully applied in food and beverage, medicine and other industries, and has been loved and praised by the majority of users at home and abroad. The combination of laser marking technology and pharmaceutical industry is the collision and agitation of science and technology, biology and other disciplines. The core components of the Laser marking machine series online flight Laser marking machine are all imported with original packaging. The series of equipment adopts imported RF laser (metal packaging) and imported high-speed galvanometer scanning system, and special online flight marking control software for accessories. It can meet the online flight (continuous dynamic) marking of products on the production line, and form long-term information of words, numbers, symbols, etc Graphics and anti-counterfeiting automatic coding and serial number, etc. The marking process is automatic, non-contact, zero pollution, low operation cost (no consumables), low failure rate (maintenance free). It plays a good role in anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting of marking products. The comprehensive performance of the equipment is stable, with 24-hour continuous working capacity, which can meet the needs of industrial large-scale online production.