Laser marking Machine importer

Do you mean the brand of the accessories or the brand of the whole machine?

However, it is not recommended to consider the configuration of full import. It will cost about 20000 yuan to join the domestic machine and about 70000 yuan to import the whole machine.

However, at present, the domestic market is very stable and there is no need to buy imported ones. According to our sales data in recent three years, we only sold one imported one in recent three years.

Like the French Sike logo, keenz (only non-standard), Italy's laser Wo; Han's laser in China is the leader of the industry. The scale of Huagong laser is medium. Chutian Laser's after-sales service is not very good. Tianhong laser's price is very low and so on. If you want to buy it, you should start with the laser, the independent research and development of software, the galvanometer (the galvanometer made by SCANLAB in Germany is the best, the quality of the galvanometer made by Han family can be comparable to SCANLAB and Beijing Golden Orange), the company scale and after-sales service, and finally the price. Hope to adopt, pure hand fight!
Fiber laser engraving machine

To determine the type of machine, if you want to choose a suitable laser marking machine, you should first make clear what products you want to mark, and then know what effect you want to print for the goods, so that you can roughly understand what type of laser marking machine you should buy. Different materials, different needs have different marking machine to match, but also to see how the machine's laser quality. Laser can be one of the most important parts for marking machine, its quality can affect the quality of the whole machine. Therefore, users should choose the imported marking machine. The beam quality and electro-optic conversion rate of the imported machine are relatively good. Of course, in the case of lack of funds, it is also possible to choose the domestic one. Can refer to the visual laser marking machine.

It depends on what you use it for. For example, fiber laser marking machine is suitable for all kinds of metals and plastics; CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for leather, wood, etc; UV laser marking machine is suitable for plastics, glass, etc. Of course, some of the three materials are common to each other, but the marking effect is different. For example, the effect of UV laser marking machine on ABS material is better than that of fiber laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine.
Micro laser engraving machine

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