Laser marking machine in the glasses processing industry

There are many kinds of glasses, not only short-sighted eyes, but also sunglasses, anti radiation glasses, flat glasses, but no matter which kind of glasses are fashionable and beautiful. In the past, the traditional way of glasses manufacturing and processing is mainly ink printing, but it will be separated after a long time, which seriously affects the beauty of the product, so many manufacturers began to use Laser marking machine.


The high energy of Laser marking machine will make the material of spectacle frame or spectacle lens vaporized in a very short time, and the image or text to be printed will stay on the lens or spectacle frame for a long time, so as to achieve the function of anti-counterfeiting. The principle of Laser marking machine is laser beam focusing.

Laser marking machine has the advantages of good output beam quality, high electro-optic conversion rate, simple operation, excellent optical quality and high precision. It can be used to carve metal materials and some non-metal materials. It is mainly used in the fields with high requirements of smoothness and fineness. It can mark the surface of materials with graphics, text, two-dimensional code, etc. It can bring more exquisite graphic processing to the frame, highlight the fashionable temperament of the atmosphere, and also can pass more information about the glasses by marking the two-dimensional code. Many glasses manufacturers are using Laser marking machine to print information on the frame. Because each laser marking equipment has its own characteristics and practicability, it should be tested according to the product materials of customers. The common eyeglass frame materials are plastic sheet and metal, which can realize laser non tactile marking. After laser marking, the surface height difference of the product is close to micron level, almost no touch, which makes the glasses more fashionable and technological.

Optical fiber marking machine and CO2 marking machine are two kinds of Laser marking machines widely used in the glasses industry. In the laser marking software, you can set the marking pattern text at will, so that businesses can choose a lot. The Laser marking machine is green and environmentally friendly, which is a common choice of processing equipment.