Laser marking machine in the use of the process of attention!

Laser marking machine occasionally presents problems. If we can't deal with the problems in time, it may affect the delivery time of the product. In fact, although the maintenance of Laser marking machine is quite troublesome, the principle is very simple, and there are some problems that we can deal with ourselves. Today, let's teach us some common problems of Laser marking machine, As well as how to deal with these problems: problem 1: the laser intensity drops, the symbol is not clear. Solution: whether the laser resonator changes; Fine tuning the resonator lens. The output light spot is the best; The output energy of acousto-optic power supply is low due to the deviation of acousto-optic crystal; Adjust the orientation of the acousto-optic crystal and increase the working current of the acousto-optic power supply; Entering the laser center of the galvanometer: conditioning the laser; If the current is adjusted to about 20a, the sensitivity is still strong: krypton lamp is aging, replace the new lamp.


Problem 2: krypton lamp does not trigger

Treatment: check all the power connection lines; High pressure krypton lamp aging, replace krypton lamp.

Trouble 3: when online, there is a long three short alarm, the following are several reasons and cleaning methods

  1. Software does not work, the motherboard is loose, open the computer, please plug in from the beginning.
  1. When the q-drive alarm light is on, check whether the 37 pin and 15 pin are loose, and whether the Q-switch has normal water supply.
  1. When the laser power alarm light is on, check whether the water cooler is turned over and whether the lamp tube is damaged (if it is damaged, replace the lamp tube).

Problem 4: there are several reasons and solutions for no light

  1. The light path screw of the whole machine is loose, so the screw needs to be tightened.
  1. If there is too much dust in the gun body, it is necessary to replace the gun endoscope.
  1. If the laser power is not turned on when the chiller is on for a long time, it will cause the phenomenon of freezing and no light. It is necessary to turn off the power system of the chiller for 1 hour before starting the chiller from the beginning.
  1. It is necessary to replace the lamp because the lamp is aging or the laser power is decreased.
  1. After long-term operation, the laser power is reduced, and the bottom cover of the gun body is opened, so it is necessary to adjust in the gun endoscope.

Problem 5: there are several common computer problems


  1. It is necessary to check whether the graphics are disordered during processing.
  1. The online computer does not need to be connected to the network cable. It controls the laser system alone.
  1. Running slowly, at this time, please do not be too impatient, to avoid the crash.
  1. Please pay attention to avoid viruses in case the system makes mistakes.

Problem 6: the XY axis of the worktable is not on time. 1. Is the screw of the slide rail of the worktable loose

  1. The glass on the worktable is determined according to the customer's requirements. The iron plate or plexiglass plate can be replaced. The balance function can be adjusted under the glass.
  1. Electronic ruler can be installed on the right and upper and lower corners of the worktable, which can make electronic ruler equipment to meet the needs of customers.
  1. The screw hole on the worktable is convenient for customers to use for positioning, which is determined by the product.

Fault 7: it jumps when it is running, and the position is generally fixed. The following reasons and cleaning methods are given:

  1. The synchronous belt is stretched too long and deformed --- replace the new synchronous belt.
  1. There is dirt in the small gear groove of the large and small gear reducer --- clean up the dirt in the small gear groove.
  1. There is dirt on the pinion of the transmission shaft.

Fault 8: there are several reasons why the start and end of closed line are not closed

  1. The synchronous belt is too loose.
  1. The connection between gear and shaft is loose --- tighten it from the beginning.
  1. X-axis guide rail and y-axis guide rail are not straight --- adjust the straightness of x-axis guide rail and y-axis guide rail.
  1. The clearance between slide and guide rail is large --- replace the slide.

Fault 9: in case of impenetrable cutting, there are the following reasons and cleaning methods:


  1. Straight light is not straight --- adjust the straight light, if necessary, adjust the light path from the beginning.
  1. Improper focus adjustment: adjust the focus from the beginning.
  1. The voltage is unstable, the voltage is low, the laser current is too small, the larger regulator is replaced, and the laser current output is increased.
  1. The light outlet of the air nozzle is blocked by sputters.
  1. Maintenance of air blockage - sort out the air pump, air filter and check the air circulation channel.
  1. The mirrors and gathering lenses are polluted --- clean the mirrors and gathering lenses with cleaning solution.
  1. Laser tube power reduction - replace laser tube.
  1. Mainboard out of light control module fault --- replace the motherboard.
  1. Potentiometer equipment, potentiometer setting too small or their own problems -- adjust the potentiometer setting or replace the potentiometer.
  1. The energy setting in the software is too small - progressive energy.
  1. Data problem - please select the appropriate data
  1. Cracking or poor aggregation effect of aggregation lens --- replace aggregation lens.
  1. There is too much dust and dirt in the laser tube, and the heat dissipation effect is poor. It is strictly forbidden to start the laser power supply and Q-switch power supply under the condition of no water or abnormal water circulation; No load operation of Q power supply is allowed (i.e. the output end of Q-switch power supply is suspended); In case of abnormal phenomenon, close the galvanometer switch and key switch first, and then check; It is not allowed to start other components before the krypton lamp is on, so as to prevent high pressure from entering and damaging the components; Pay attention to the suspension of the output end (anode) of the laser power supply to prevent ignition and breakdown with other electrical appliances; ⑥ Keep the internal circulation water clean. Clean the water tank regularly and replace it with clean deionized water or pure water.

Application and replacement of krypton lamp

Closed water cooler, laser power supply.

Open the upper three cavity covers, take out the lamp or crystal to be replaced, put it in after replacement, and install the cavity cover. Water cooler, laser power supply, adjust the laser power supply current to about (15 ~ 20) a. When a small piece of wood or black paper is placed between the front diaphragm and the beam expander, the spot formed by laser ablation should be seen. If not, slightly adjust the three knobs of the front diaphragm holder until the light spot appears.

After the laser is debugged, the three knobs of the front diaphragm frame should be adjusted repeatedly to make the light spot strongest. If the laser is too strong and the brightness is too high to be investigated, the power supply current can be reduced.

Turn off the laser power.

Special note: time to replace krypton lamp.

The service life of krypton lamp in laser is 300 hours. However, due to different user conditions, the above time can not be used as the only basis to replace krypton lamp. With the increase of application time, the light-emitting power of krypton lamp decreases, and the laser output also decreases. In order to obtain the satisfied laser output, many users increase the current of laser power supply to enhance the light-emitting of krypton lamp, which accelerates the aging of krypton lamp, forms a vicious circle, and sometimes leads to lamp explosion. In order to avoid this phenomenon, we advocate that the user decide whether to replace the krypton lamp according to the following method.

When a new krypton lamp is replaced, it is necessary to record the laser power supply ammeter value during normal marking as the standard current value.

When the krypton lamp gradually aging, increase the laser power supply current output, but the ammeter value should not exceed 1.25 times the standard current value.

For example: the current value of the new krypton lamp is 20a, after a period of time, if the current value is adjusted to 22.5a, the krypton lamp can not be marked normally, then the krypton lamp should be replaced.


First, it can't be dealt with by other methods, only by laser processing;

Second, it can be processed by other existing processing methods, but if the laser processing method is selected, the product quality, output power and brightness can be greatly improved

Obviously adding economic and social benefits;

Thirdly, the matching links related to laser processing should be fully considered;

Fourth, we should pay attention to the use of laser processing and conventional processing compound processing technology, in order to make full use of their strengths;

Fifthly, in practical use, domestic equipment should be used as far as possible. This is conducive to the development of national industry and innovation; For the users themselves, the choice of domestic equipment has the advantages of low price, convenient maintenance and guarantee, suitable for China's national conditions and so on.