Laser marking machine is divided into mask mode, array type and scanning laser marking machine

Laser marking is a key application of laser equipment in laser marking industry in recent years. With the development trend of laser equipment, the stability and application of laser equipment continue to improve, and the application of excellent electronic information technology and high-quality electronic optical components is integrated, which promotes the rapid development trend of laser marking technology.

Laser marking machine is generally composed of automatic control system, laser generation and transmission system software, focus system software and switch power system software. Different types of laser marking machines may also have mask board, mechanical scanning organization or scanner scanning galvanometer system software. The key is automatic control system. Laser marking machine has experienced a large range of amplitude, rotating mirror and scanning vibration mirror. The advantage of laser marking machine in large range is that the marking bottom is wide, but its precision is low, the laser marking speed is relatively slow, and the stability of laser lettering machine is weak. Compared with the large amplitude period, the laser marking machine in the period of turning mirror has great improvement, and can achieve the regulation of high precision operation of laser. The laser marking machine in the period of scanning galvanometer has higher improvement, and has the advantages of faster laser marking speed, high linearity and high stability. In China, laser marking machine with scanner scanning vibroscope system software has been widely used. In the development history of laser marking machine, many laser marking machines with different structures and principles have occurred. According to different working modes, laser marking machines can be divided into mask laser marking machines, array laser marking machines and scanning laser marking machines. The following part introduces the structure, working mode and characteristics of these kinds of laser lettering machines.
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Mask laser marking machine:

The key to the construction of the mask laser marking machine is the laser generator system software, mask plate and focus point lens. There is a pattern of hollowing on the mask board. On the mask made by laser symmetrical laser shooting from the laser generator system software, a part of the laser is projected from the carved space, and then it is manually carved out from the surface of the object after focusing the lens. The most important advantage of the laser typewriter is that the laser can get a detailed mark once the laser single pulse is transmitted. Therefore, the laser marking rate is fast, but the defect is the deviation of the coordination ability of marking bottom. Different mask plates must be made for the laser marking with different marks. The mask laser marking machine is suitable for fast and repeated marking.

Array laser marking machine:
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The array laser marking machine selects several small and medium laser generators to form a point array. When laser marking, several laser generators are opened correspondingly according to the necessary marking. The laser from this laser generator is designed to generate the marking pattern from the focusing point of the focusing point of the focusing point of the focusing lens to the surface of the object. Compared with the mask laser marking machine, the array laser marking machine has a great coordination ability, but the screen resolution of the laser marking pattern depends on the total number of laser generators that constitute the point array. The array laser marking machine is suitable for the simple laser marking of identifiers and symbols.

Mechanical scanning laser marking machine:

Mechanical scanning laser marking machine is one of the scanning laser marking machines. The key is composed of control board system software, laser generator system software and mutually vertical X and Y axis mechanical scanning organization. Its principle is to control the X and Y axis of the laser marking machine The exercise of y-axis mechanical scanning organization brings the high efficiency energy laser from the laser generator to the upper part of the surface of the object after passing through the reflection surface of the mirror, then focuses on the surface of the object to generate the mark. Then, the laser marking pattern is designed according to the power switch of the laser generator and the movement of the x-axis and y-axis mechanical scanning organization. Compared with the first two laser marking machines, mechanical scanning laser marking machine has the advantage of high coordination ability, but the X and Y mechanical scanning organization must be moved greatly, so the laser marking rate is relatively slow.