Laser marking machine, laser marking carton, wire frame is fine and beautiful

Because everyone's quality of life has improved, and the regulations on carton drawing are more exquisite, the traditional printing ink production and processing methods can not keep up with the independent innovation of high and new technology, and are gradually eliminated. With the rapid development trend of laser cutting, laser marking production and processing is widely used in different industries. In order to better improve the traditional production and processing methods, more and more customers choose laser marking machine to carry out production and processing.
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Laser marking machine, in short, is the application of laser marking machine in the commodity plus its own content, including company name, product name, product information: number, serial number, etc., but also in the date of manufacture, anti string code, etc. Therefore, the laser marking machine is widely used, which is incomparable to many other machines and equipment. Laser marking machines and equipment have long been widely used in industrial production and people's daily life.

In view of this application, the laser marking machine has obvious advantages over the traditional black ink bar code and sticker marking method. Unlike the self-adhesive sticker, the logo produced by the laser is long-lasting, generally not easy to erase, and it doesn't need all consumables. Basically, it doesn't need to carry out maintenance. On the whole, it is more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly. At the present stage, CO2 laser marking machine is mainly used in some places with more detailed regulations and higher precision. It can not only carry out marking on paper boxes, but also be widely used in the fields of technological products, wood, clothing, birthday cards, electronic components, plastics, solid models, medical equipment, ceramics and textile laser cutting, such as laser marking of leather products, wooden packaging boxes, wooden packaging boxes and so on Chopsticks printing, medical packaging box laser marking these.
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If you happen to have to purchase or upgrade the logo machinery and equipment, if you are still worried about purchasing the traditional black ink marking machine or the laser marking machine, please first understand the laser marking machine and equipment. You only have to give us a call, and the rest is up to you. With the expansion of the application scope of plastic materials, the identification methods of raw materials are also upgraded, from the traditional printing ink coding software to the excellent laser marking. The ultraviolet laser marking machine can concentrate a great deal of energy on the plastic products according to the laser, and then carry out the identification of some logo, text, manufacturer's information content, main parameters of goods and operation instructions and other information content on the plastic. It gets rid of the difficulties of traditional printing ink bar code, such as high energy consumption, high consumables, high common faults, high maintenance and easy handling, Become plastic products manufacturers can not be lack of special tools for production and processing.
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UV laser marking machine is mainly used to mark Chinese characters, English, data, production date, manufacturing date, logo, real-time clock information content, anti-counterfeiting identification, anti channeling digital, etc., which meets the requirements of GMP in pharmaceutical industry and HACCP in food enterprises. Plastic has replaced a large number of traditional packaging products with its light weight, durable, beautiful, high quality and low price, which has promoted a reform of the packaging industry. However, the harm of plastic products to the natural environment can not be ignored. The laser gives full play to its unique advantages and contributes to the protection of the ecological environment. We also remind ourselves that we should choose more environmentally friendly methods to produce and process plastics and try to avoid using plastic products.