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Our own 20W fiber laser marking machine only costs 75000 yuan, while the imported one costs 200000 yuan. That's the difference!
Laser engraving machine price

For most general applications, the marking quality doesn't make much difference. You'll pay three times for 10% more clarity

As for the life span, few people use the machine at maximum power all day long. One can use it for 15 years, and the other can use it for 20 years. The difference is really big. It's five years away... Ha ha, maybe it's only 10 years before all of them have to be eliminated into the dustbin. I don't believe that foreign garbage is really more expensive than domestic garbage
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Domestic service is better, the price is affordable, foreign laser marking machine price is expensive, late service is not easy to deal with, so the direct import of foreign laser marking machine is less.

At present, the domestic sales are relatively good, the main parts are imported from abroad, the others are domestic, so the price is affordable and the quality can be guaranteed.

The brand really doesn't matter. Now the parts used in laser marking machines are almost the same. It's just the after-sales service of each manufacturer, including cost pricing.

Every manufacturer uses machines that have been used by customers for seven or eight years without problems, but also machines that have been used for several months without problems. Therefore, there is a failure rate of machines, which can not be said to be 100%,
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If you want to buy a marking machine, the best thing is to give priority to local machines, because after-sales service is guaranteed. After all, electronic products are not 100% like this. It's better to solve problems at the first time,

The second is the price. If the local price of the same configuration is much higher, you can learn about the machines in other cities nearby, and don't blindly go to the unrealistic manufacturers with low machine prices to buy them.