Laser marking machine water cooling and air cooling are what laser

The workshop cooling of laser marking machine manufacturers adopts water cooling or air cooling. The focus is on the power of the mechanical equipment itself. The functions of water cooling and air cooling are the same, which play a cooling role to ensure the normal operation of the laser marking machine.

For example, the power of semiconductor device laser marking machine is relatively large. Generally, the cooling capacity of tap water cooling, water cooling and air conditioning is larger, and the defect of water cooling is that the capacity is relatively large. Air cooling generally can be used for low-power CO2 laser marking machine, optical fiber line laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, etc. the air cooling weight is light, and the cooling capacity of air conditioning is also ideal.

In fact, whether it is water cooling or air cooling, it is generally used to cool the data signal transmitter of laser marking machine with Q drive. General high-power laser equipment mechanical equipment, the laser generator from the calorific value is relatively large, so the use of circulating water cooling heat. For example, the power of optical fiber and low-power CO2 is relatively small (basically not more than 50W), so the calorific value of laser generator is not too large, and it can be cooled by air cooling, which not only purifies the capacity of mechanical equipment, but also reduces the output power of mechanical equipment. In addition, several points should be noted during the operation of the laser marking machine

1. In the production and manufacture of laser marking machine, it is strictly forbidden to rotate and adjust the switching power supply circuit randomly, and the operation process must be based on the details;
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2. The laser marking machine of semiconductor device series should not be manufactured and adjusted when the water storage tank is not working or there is no water, because the laser machine of semiconductor device series belongs to high temperature heat treatment process, and there is no water cooling, which may cause serious negative effects;
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3. In the whole process of operation, if there is any abnormal phenomenon, the power supply must be turned off immediately, and some regular maintenance and repair must be carried out after the galvanometer stops working;

4. In case of CO2 and semiconductor products, the laser marking machine must follow the start-up sequence to prevent damage caused by wrong operation;

5. Whether it is water-cooled or air-cooled laser marking machine should be water storage tank or fan internal dirt cleaning, do a timely cleaning work, so not only the laser marking machine has a high quality of execution, the mechanical equipment life is also greatly improved, to ensure the smooth work.
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The laser marking machine can mark the text, serial number, commodity number, bar code, two-dimensional code, manufacturing date, etc. of the ultraviolet laser marking machine on the hardware products, and the time, date, serial number and commodity number can be automatically adjusted. The text and pattern of laser marking are not only clear and detailed, but also can not be erased and changed, which is very useful for tracking the quality and mode of products, and can reasonably avoid the sale of expired goods, anti-counterfeiting marks and the obstruction of fleeing goods.