Laser marking personalized customized USB flash drive: practical business, giving gifts more attentively

Business contacts between enterprises

Gifts are essential

It is a bridge between enterprises and customers

A suitable gift is very important

Especially practical and business gifts

Can increase the feelings between enterprises and customers

Customized USB flash disk for laser marking

Practical business, giving gifts more attentively

As we all know, in normal business activities

A certain amount of reciprocity is very necessary

As one of the necessary tools for business office

Sending a USB flash drive won't make the other party resentful

Or turn around and get thrown away

But simply send an ordinary U disk

It didn't give publicity to the company

And it's cheap

At this time, the laser marking technology will play a role


When laser technology meets creative USB flash drive

Only then discovered that this world does not lack the precious gift

What's missing is a different mind

wood laser engraving machine

Laser technology can be realized on USB flash disk

Marking arbitrary text and graphics

Company name, company logo, customer name

Or mark the blessing and expectation on the U disk

Not only the beauty, but also the sincerity and creativity

Customized U-disk for laser marking

Give good gifts to business partners, give right gifts advantages of laser marking technology

  1. Easy to operate

The Laser marking machine is controlled by computer software without consumables. It can realize automatic feeding, automatic marking and save manpower.

  1. Permanent marking

Laser marking machine is the use of light energy into heat energy in the workpiece surface ablation principle to form a permanent mark, so the mark is not easy to fade due to the influence of external factors.

  1. Exquisite processing

The precision of laser processing is high. By using software drawing, all kinds of characters and graphics can be drawn and generated quickly, and the fine marking of products can be realized.

  1. High yield

Laser belongs to non-contact processing, in the process of processing, there is no mechanical effect, will not cause damage to the product surface, high yield.

Portable small DIY Laser marking machine

  1. Functional features

DC power supply, supporting large capacity lithium batteries or batteries, unlimited indoor and outdoor, greatly improving the practicability and mobility;

The galvanometer has built-in double red light, and the electric lifting frame can easily realize the electric auxiliary focusing

Red light preview of marking range, easy for novices to operate;

Built in dust purification system can filter dust efficiently;

Self locking protective cover: according to the layout of the work site, adjust the protective cover to the appropriate position, fasten the self-locking hinge with a wrench, and lock it at one time, so that each opening and closing is in line with the general custom;

Anti collision rubber cushion: the edge of the operation platform is equipped with anti-collision rubber cushion, which can effectively avoid the direct contact with the metal platform when the protective cover is opened and closed, and has a good cushioning effect.

plastic laser engraving machine for sale
  1. Process application

Most of the plastic and stainless steel, alumina, copper and other alloy materials surface marking. It is suitable for U disk, lighter, pen, thermos, mobile phone shell, jewelry, coke bottle, etc.

  1. Process display