Laser marking teaches you to identify brand lenses

Recently, Zeiss has released a series of Zhirui lenses specially designed for mobile lifestyle and visual habits. As the world's leading manufacturer of precision optical components, Zeiss lens has always been favored by the majority of consumers with its perfect quality, and has a very broad consumer market around the world.

DIY laser engraving machine

However, there are also many fake "Zeiss lenses" that affect the judgment of consumers, and even some businesses, in order to make high profits, do not pay attention to replacing your chosen Zeiss lenses with other ones.

Fiber laser engraving machine

How to identify if you are buying genuine Zeiss?

Before leaving the production area, all Zeiss lenses will go through very strict examination to ensure that they meet Zeiss standards. For each qualified lens, Zeiss will laser engrave a graduation medal with "Z" character - a laser anti-counterfeiting mark that is not easy to imitate, similar to two combined flags.


Don't look down on this medal. It is the brand mark of Zeiss lens. It is engraved on the unified position of the lens. The wavelength used in laser carving also makes this character not interfere with wearing. The anti-counterfeiting mark of the lens can be seen through the reflection of the lens, and it can be seen directly near the edge of the lens. Only when the glasses are removed to see the lens, can they be seen, And with glasses is not to see Oh, different from the market fog invisible anti-counterfeiting logo.


Laser marking anti-counterfeiting technology, with the advantages of high efficiency, stability, clarity and lasting anti-counterfeiting, has been favored by many large brand lens manufacturers, and has become the highlight of anti-counterfeiting technology of lenses.


Relying on the research and development experience of laser industry in the half century, Huagong laser has advanced laser marking technology. The new generation of optical fiber Laser marking machine is integrated with high standard configuration in the industry. It has fine marking, low processing cost and stable performance. It has no processing stress, and the surface of the marked pattern is smooth and natural, without damage to the material near the marking surface, and the marking pattern can never be erased.