Laser marking: the main use of laser

It can be entered into the 21st century, with the gradual promotion of laser equipment application, the development trend of electronic information technology and the wide application of auxiliary design design scheme, the two irrelevant technical fields have intersected and become "laser marking technology". Laser becomes a special tool for hand carving, and the goal of hand carving is not only limited to the above types, but also includes laminated glass, stainless steel plate, plastic and other types of hand carving.

Laser marking is divided into outer carving and inner carving. Compared with outer carving, inner carving has higher technical level and stronger effect of commodity expression. Laser internal carving can create visual and touching artistic expression techniques with certain indoor space according to various plastic raw materials or hard raw materials that can be carved and carved, and then reflect social development and express everyone's intention.

Generally, hand carving process is based on raw materials to carve the desired appearance. The laser internal carving machine is used to accurately merge a laser into a fully transparent object (such as laminated glass, amethyst, acrylic plate, etc.) according to the electronic optical parts such as beam expanding mirror and field mirror. The kinetic energy is converted from solar energy to energy, and the engineering blasting at this point produces fine engineering blasting points. The blasting points of this project are spread over according to different design and brightness and darkness, and finally the necessary design is produced. It is unnecessary to worry that the laser injected will destroy the outside or other areas inside. As the laser passes through the transparent object, its dynamic energy can not be destroyed by focusing, kinetic energy can not be destroyed by this raw material, but only the kinetic energy of the focus, According to the regulation of current, the kinetic energy of raw materials can be destroyed.

Laser carving technology is a new form of plastic art expression, which is different from the traditional art carving. It makes the works more exquisite and more personalized. With the reform and innovation of the combination of laser equipment and plastic arts, people's pursuit of the improvement of aesthetic and the quality of plastic arts is becoming more and more colorful.

Taking Dongguan Guangwei Laser High Tech Co., Ltd., the company has been focusing on laser internal carving processing technology for more than ten years. At this stage, it has expanded its business to the fields of household appliances, kitchen supplies, smart phones, lighting lighting, automobile manufacturing, decoration, clock, glasses, clothing, brewery, glass factory Cosmetics processing factory, glass cylinder factory, wedding dress shop, holiday tourism products factory, advertising industry, gift market, celebrity calligraphy and painting, outdoor display, jewelry and other fields. It can be said that the application of laser internal carving in various fields has increasingly met the requirements of chemical substances and spiritual culture. The laser internal carving sales market gradually increased from the edge economic development to the industrial development, from the small crowd to the popular.

In the early stage of our country, some enterprises operate laser marking, such as: big family laser, trutian laser, etc. In recent years, a number of companies, such as Guangwei laser, Shengshi laser, Zenix laser and suntoni laser, have been constantly emerging, working hard in this sales market. Only take Dongguan Guangwei Laser High Tech Co., Ltd. as an example: Although the enterprise started late and the business scale was small, it has a rapid development trend, wide business process and new commodities. Since its establishment, with excellent design concept and sound guarantee system, the rapid development trend has become a high-tech company integrating product research and development, production and marketing of laser internal carving machinery and equipment and commodity manufacturing in China. According to self-sales and import and export, the business process is gradually increasing at present. Although it is affected by pneumonia in 2020, the order information has been improved a bit compared with the same period. This is due to the business management concept of the enterprise, but it also shows that the laser marking sales market has strong vitality. The manager of the enterprise yuanjunhao introduced in detail: they do laser internal carving business process one is resource integration, give customers who buy their machine and equipment with various information resources and adjust their orientation; Second, according to the special situation of internal carving sales market, from beginning to end, I think about difficult problems from the customer's point of view, actively developed and designed many patent technologies, shared them to customers who bought their machine and equipment, let them try for free, and vigorously develop market sales to make money. Digest and absorb good feedback form from customers, improve product quality, improve machine equipment, develop and design a large number of models to meet the market demand; Third, explore the application requirements of internal carving in various fields and expand the industries of internal carving application, such as button internal carving, shoe heel inner carving, myopia glasses internal carving, glass cylinder internal carving, improve the role of famous brands and make anti-counterfeiting signs, etc., and increase the scope of service items; The fourth is to develop and design new carving products, use the core fashion trend of goods, and use the fashion trend to promote the sales market. And then gradually create their own commodity sales market.

After the development trend of the internal carving of the milky white laser, Guangwei is committed to the development and design of the sales market of manual carving. Using the internal carving of crystal works of art, it has a very strong reflection surface and mapping effect on the light source, while the vacant part has good permeability to the light source. The micro control circuit is based on the basic principle of the three basic color palette, Each of the lights of several colors is used to mix colors on the "inner carving" image, and then change various colorful colors, which will make the original Ivory interior carving image show colorful and colorful practical effects. Whether it is carving machine or carving goods in the exhibition into a beautiful scenery.

At present, the international exchange Laboratory of "light quantum technology" of Shanghai Institute of Optics and mechanics has the main performance in the technical scientific research of colorful inner carving. On the basis of independent innovation and scientific research of laser-induced three-dimensional thin film optics, relevant authoritative experts have successfully carved three-dimensional polychromatic pattern design in laminated glass by using pulsed light induced method according to the design scheme. With the improvement of the field and the improvement of market demand, the technology of laser internal carving must be from no color to colorful processing technology. The specific application field of laser internal carving process will far exceed the scope of everyone's imagination.