Laser printing, South cable will always walk in the front of the cable industry

Laser printing is no stranger to everyone. Our common laser printing is generally used in craft gifts, stainless steel decorative pieces of electronic components, clocks and watches, molds, IC, glass cutting and so on. Do you know that laser can also be used in wires and cables?

Next, let's introduce to you what is laser printing?


The way of laser printing is to print the content on the surface of the cable by using the laser code printer. The cable material has physical or chemical reaction with the laser (such as melting, gasification, oxidation reaction, discoloration reaction) to realize the printing on the surface of the cable.

Fiber laser engraving machine

Comparison between laser printing and other printing methods?

Laser printing: 1, will not cause cable deformation;

  1. The printing is clear, the printing is firm, and the printing is not easy to fall off;
  1. It has the advantages of fine processing, low cost, easy operation, no pollution, and can complete some processes that cannot be completed by conventional methods.

Ink printing: Although ink printing can achieve multi-color, but the relative disadvantages are also more.

For example, 1;

  1. The cost of ink consumables is high;
  1. Different types of ink are used according to different wire needs;
  1. Ink has a certain impact on people's health;
  1. The dynamic meter mark cannot be made;
  1. Printing is easy to appear unclear, incomplete, easy to move, dirty ink mark on the surface, etc., ink use environment and its own performance requirements are strict, such as its own gloss, hue, coloring power, hiding power, etc., environmental temperature and humidity have a greater impact on ink printing.

Inkjet printing: the advantage of inkjet printing is that the printing content and font can be changed, and the dynamic meter mark can be printed.

The corresponding disadvantages are: 1. The price of special ink is high;

  1. For the small size cable with high production speed, the printing distortion will appear, and it is not easy to distinguish the printing by spraying some wire colors
  1. There will also be printing is not resistant to rubbing, printing migration, ghosting and other phenomena

After repeated experiments by our technicians and continuous tests by our third-party testing institutions, laser printing will not have any impact on its performance. Laser printing is a good way of printing at present, and meets the national standards.


Large cable companies have been using laser printing method for a long time. Using laser printing will bring a new turning point for enterprises and even the whole industry. Today, with the rapid development of laser technology, the application of laser technology has penetrated into many fields of industry. The excellent performance advantages are bringing new vitality to the industrial technology.


Wire and cable marking using Laser marking machine has become a process and means, which means that once the wire and cable products are marked with the corresponding date, batch number, brand, serial number, two-dimensional code and other information, it can not be changed, which is of great significance for the anti-counterfeiting of wire and cable products. It can effectively resist the counterfeiting, shoddy and collusion of some illegal businesses, standardize the current wire and cable market, and plays an important role in improving the quality of wire and cable. And the whole process of laser marking is controlled by computer software, which not only has high processing flexibility, but also is accurate, and can effectively reduce the defective rate of wire and cable products. It can be said that with the rapid development of laser marking technology today, the application of laser marking technology in wire and cable has become an irresistible trend, especially with the emergence of optical fiber Laser marking machine and other related advanced laser marking equipment, the application advantage of laser marking in the field of wire and cable is more obvious.

Metal laser engraving machine

The processing and application of laser technology will play an irreplaceable role in every post of industrial production in the future. Its excellent processing quality and high processing efficiency are better choices for many enterprises, while laser processing equipment will get further advantages or updates in continuous practice, forming a good cycle situation of mutual promotion.