Laser smoke filter, protect laser precision equipment, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection

Don't let high precision laser equipment work in the working environment without laser smoke filter! By comparing different states, it can be seen that if the laser smoke filter is not used, excessive smoke and dust will damage the scanning head of the laser equipment and pollute the lens.


The components of smoke produced by laser processing are complex. The components of smoke produced by different materials after laser processing are different, usually including dust and toxic and odorous gases. The most common ingredients are cresol, phenol, benzene, chromium, formaldehyde, styrene, etc., which will affect the liver, kidney, lung, skin, eyes, respiratory tract and other organs of the human body in varying degrees, leading to the occurrence of various diseases. The use of smoke absorption purifier will absorb the smoke and dust in the production environment and effectively reduce its harm to human body.

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Different types of laser smoke filters are needed for different laser processing environments, such as laser cutting smoke filter, laser marking smoke filter, laser welding smoke filter, etc. So what should we pay attention to when we buy laser smoke filter?

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Compared with equipment, the more vulnerable workers are more vulnerable to smoke and dust hazards. The health of workers exposed to smoke and dust is more worrying. With the popularization and application of laser processing equipment, smoke and dust as its additional product has become the object of concern. More enterprises consider smoke and dust at the same time when purchasing laser machines, and pay attention to the measures to avoid smoke and dust harm to the health of employees. Or in the first time equipped with laser smoke filter, to protect the health of enterprise staff.


The smoke generated in laser processing has the most direct impact on the laser processing equipment itself, especially the high-precision laser head, which is greatly affected by the smoke. A long time will directly affect the normal use of the laser machine, shorten the working time of the laser machine.


All kinds of Laser marking machines in various fields can not avoid producing smoke and odor in production and processing. Zhixin environmental protection laser smoke filter can effectively purify these smoke and odor.