Let you have a laser marking machine on the street

With the promotion of economic development, many people set up stalls. Traditional stalls selling rice paste, fruit business and kebabs are full of market competition in a perfect street community. If you set up stalls on the street with laser marking machines, you can light up different stalls all over the world.
Fiber laser engraving machine

It is very important for beginners to set up stalls. It is strongly recommended to set up stalls on the street, laser marking machines and some small department stores that are not carved by hand. For example, mobile phone cover, beverage bottle, thermos cup, lighter, etc. Be able to carve names and photos on small department stores by hand. Out of curiosity, people who pass by will come back to watch the fun.

The investment of the street stalls laser marking machine project is not very large, and the goods are attractive enough, without consumables, a laser marking machine can set up stalls to do business. Sundry goods can be carved by hand, but there are many wooden carding, car keys, lip balm bottles, mobile phone covers, mobile power, charging plugs, reader, thermal cups, glass cups, watches, notebooks, lighters, diamond rings, necklaces, beverage bottles, temporary parking cards and convenience boxes. It can be said that many daily life small articles can be hand carved.

A street stall laser marking machine, not the same stalls around the world. You are the only one in the street, and no one competes with you in the market. It's not easy to find a job. If you set up a stall on the street and put the laser marking machine there, you will be able to see the excitement. If you are prosperous, you will be prosperous.
Stainless steel laser engraving machine

The principle of the fabric laser engraving and cutting machine is to use the concentrated laser to irradiate the description of the fabric or leather products, so as to make the surface of the raw materials reach a certain temperature or melting point. At the same time, according to the moving direction of the laser controlled by the computer, the pattern design can be achieved by hand carving or laser cutting.

Benefits of fabric laser marking machine

Fiber laser cutting can quickly laser cutting, hand carving random complex pattern design, at the same time, computer graphics design is convenient, stable operation, laser cutting hand carving stable. At the same time, the actual operation installation, can work 24 hours in the feature.