Like a big machine? Small laser engraving machine made bookmarks are carved like this!

If books are the power of human knowledge reserve, then bookmarks are the decoration of this power. People always yearn for beautiful things. A bookmark with exquisite workmanship and beautiful words often arouses people's desire to read. We can always see engraving machine manufacturers use engraving machine to carve all kinds of trinkets on the Internet. The carving patterns are also very exquisite and the carving speed is also very amazing. However, the large-scale engraving machine not only covers a large area and costs a lot, but also carves a monotonous style. For those who pursue personalization, DIY businesses can not meet the unique design taste.


Small laser engraving machine provides a good solution in the aspect of personalized customization. You can design your favorite design style, such as text, pictures, symbols, etc. to carve bookmarks. In the carving material, you can also choose leather, wood chips, paper chips, etc., which are commonly used in the market. In addition, small engraving machine is small in size, So in terms of the occupied space, it can be said that it is very small. As you can imagine, I can hold it with one hand and the price is less than 1000.


Using a small laser engraving machine to make bookmarks is not complicated. Although the process is slow, in terms of unique design and emotional sustenance, the small laser engraving machine conveys its unique emotion in all works. Now let's talk about the making steps of the self-made bookmark of the small laser engraving machine, and feel the emotional transmission of the small laser engraving machine together.


First of all, we prepare leather, scissors and small laser engraving machine, and use scissors to cut the leather into the shape you like. Input the text you want to carve into the software. If it is a picture or symbol, you can carve it directly into the software. Although the engraving speed of the small laser engraving machine is a little slow, 10 minutes is enough for a small bookmark engraving room

There are many things that can be carved by small laser engraving machine, such as DIY leather key chain, crystal gifts (with colored paper), and wooden hangtag

Interested in carving partners and DIY manual businesses, this machine may become a temptation you can't resist!