Marking conveyor instructions

operation steps.

Place the tube part on the conveyor belt, close to the positioning bar, to avoid light (when the light comes, it will be bright, when the opposite signal is detected, it will disappear). Confirm no light on photo)

Press the test button, the conveyor starts to run, and press the stop key when the photoelectric position stops.

Adjust the positioning rod and move the equipment northward to make the laser red alignment of the marking machine align with the pipe fitting, and the positioning is completed. At this time, take out the photocell parts, and then press the positioning test key. After confirming the correct positioning, press the stop key. Finish positioning.

Place a cursor under the laser collimation center, rotate it to the right, set the knob to make the operation light on, and then start marking. After marking, turn the time setting button immediately, and the device will record the marking time.

Take out the photoelectric tube accessories, press the automatic operation button, and the conveyor belt starts automatic operation and marking.

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2、 Button description.

Operation indicator: automatic operation, positioning test, time setting, light on.

Emergency stop: press the emergency stop button to stop immediately. If this mark is executed, it will stop after the mark is completed. If you want to stop the mark immediately, please press the "emergency stop" key.
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Timing setting: turn the timing setting knob to the right to turn on the light and laser sign once. After disconnection, the device will automatically record the marking time, for example, 6 seconds, and then each conveyor will stay under the marking machine for 6 seconds before continuing. In case of power failure, the system will automatically restore the default marking time of 60 seconds. Note: the time is rescheduled after each type change or power failure. Note: since this key is marked by laser, the part must be placed under the laser head.

Self start: after setting the position and time, press this key to start the device automatically. Note: do not install accessories until the lighting switch is pressed.
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Position detection: after pressing this button, the device will run automatically, but it will not be marked to check whether the position is correct (the only difference between this button and the automatic operation button is that it will not be marked when the button is pressed). Note: do not install accessories until the lighting switch is pressed.

Shutdown: press the shutdown button to stop the equipment during automatic operation and positioning test. If you are marking, it will stop after marking. If you want to stop the mark immediately, please press the "emergency stop" key.

3、 Troubleshooting.

There is no automatic operation. Reason: check whether the photoelectricity is blocked and whether the two photoelectricity are aligned (the red light is on when the photoelectricity is blocked, and the red light is off when the opposite signal is on)

The conveyor will not move after the label. Reason: reset the time after power transmission.

Move the conveyor belt before marking. Reason: reset in order to extend the time.

The headlights are on all the time. Reason: the time setting key is not disconnected.

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Fourth, input and output tables.

Emergency shutdown: i0.0.

Automatic operation: i0.1.

Setting test: i0.2.

Termination: i0.3.

Timing: i0.4.