Marking depth requirements of Laser marking machine under the action of beam combining mirror

Combined lens: as the name suggests, it is a kind of lens that combines two beams of light into one. What are the two kinds of light?


The first function: used to preview the laser. As we all know, because the visible light band is 400-700nm, 1064nm, CO2 laser and 355nm ultraviolet laser are not the light that can be seen by human eyes. When we do marking, we first need to preview and simulate the laser to see whether the laser is hitting the right position. We can't directly hit the product, and only when the product is damaged can we find the wrong position. In addition, even if the 532n Laser marking machine can see the green light, you will also use the upper beam combining mirror, because if you use the 532nm preview directly, you need to adjust the power in the software first, otherwise the product will be damaged in the process of direct preview.


The second function: used for coaxial visual matching. The advantages of coaxial vision matching are: high precision. So we can use the beam combiner: instead of red light indicator, we can put a CCD camera over the beam combiner in the optical path. This camera can be used for visual matching. But there is a disadvantage in coaxial vision matching, that is, the brightness of the display is not very high, and it is dark.


How to adjust the marking depth of metal Laser marking machine


The improvement of laser power can directly improve the depth of laser marking, but the premise of improving power is to ensure that laser power supply, laser chiller, laser lens and so on should be matched with it. The performance of relevant accessories should withstand the efficiency after power improvement, so sometimes it needs to change accessories temporarily, but the cost will increase, and the workload or technical requirements will be increased.


Optimizing the quality of laser beam


It is necessary to replace stable laser pump source, laser full mirror and Laser marking machine of transmission end pump, especially the laser material and crystal inside, which is conducive to improving the quality of laser beam and improving the intensity and depth of marking.


From the laser subsequent spot processing


Using high quality laser group can achieve the effect of twice the effort. For example, using a high-quality beam expanding mirror makes the spot expand through it to a perfect spot similar to the Gaussian beam. The high quality f-field mirror is used to make the laser passing through has better focus intensity and better spot. The energy of spot is more uniform in the effective format.