Marking plastic shell pattern of CCD vision positioning Laser marking machine

Laser marking machine

High precision positioning and marking can be realized under the condition of any angle, any number and any position. By cooperating with the vibration plate, assembly line, XY platform and other parts, the unmanned and automatic production can be realized, and the product quality and production efficiency can be greatly improved.


Laser marking machine


Visual positioning system is an embedded visual positioning product. The product realizes the real-time acquisition of two-way video signals, and tracks the target position in real time through image processing technology. At the same time, it displays the positioning indication information and outputs the target position to PLC or upper computer to realize the visual positioning function of Laser marking machine.


CCD vision positioning Laser marking machine is suitable for heavy workload, difficult product positioning, workpiece diversity and complexity, such as capacitors, cards, IC, small screws, jewelry, plastic shell, buttons and so on. Today's mobile phone manufacturers, whether it's apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, or some other brands of mobile phones, in order to show their own brands, will mark their own brand logo information on the back shell of their mobile phones. These beautiful and exquisite brand logos have high requirements for carving, and can not produce any extrusion and wear on the back shell of the mobile phone in the marking process.


Using CCD vision positioning Laser marking machine to carve brand logo, the traditional marking method is to use silk screen printing on the shell. Silk screen printing ink taste is relatively strong, dot is not exquisite enough, printing effect is not ideal, the marked information is easy to fade off. Laser marking is a clean, high environmental protection processing technology, it has the characteristics of non-contact marking, high marking accuracy, high definition, good durability, strong wear resistance and so on. With the market demand, Laser marking machine soon replaced the silk screen printing process.


The core function of CCD vision positioning Laser marking machine is CCD vision positioning function, which can automatically identify product features for laser marking, and realize rapid positioning. No matter how small the object is, it can also carry out high-precision marking without using fixture, which reduces manual participation and improves work efficiency.