Metal Laser marking machine precision processing does not light how to do

The processing of metal Laser marking machine is carried out through the speed of laser light, which ensures the original accuracy of the workpiece, which is unmatched by other types of marking machine. Metal Laser marking machine precision processing does not light how to do


  1. Non contact: Laser marking machine is a non mechanical "light knife" processing, can be printed on any regular or irregular surface marking, irregular marking has become its main development direction.
  1. Compared with other marking machines, metal Laser marking machine is especially suitable for complex graphics processing because of its high precision characteristics, which greatly increases its application range.

Laser marking machine

  1. Laser engraving does not need to contact with the workpiece to be engraved, so it saves a lot of fixtures and tools, and the workpiece will not produce internal stress after marking, which ensures the original accuracy of the workpiece, and has the characteristics of zero contact and zero damage.
  1. Low operation cost: the marking speed is fast, the marking is formed at one time, and the energy consumption is small, so the operation cost is low. Although the equipment investment of Laser marking machine is larger than that of traditional marking equipment, the operation cost of metal marking machine is much lower.


  1. The Laser marking machine has a wide adaptability to materials. It can produce very fine marks on the surface of various materials with good durability; And basically includes all materials, this kind of unusual universality and adaptability will make the Laser marking machine more applicable, which is very important for product anti-counterfeiting.


What to do if the Laser marking machine doesn't work

Fault phenomenon: the light output is abnormal. On the high voltage side, the ammeter is connected in series. It can be seen that the ammeter displays abnormally. Either there is current for a long time, or sometimes there is no current, sometimes it is not controlled.

Fault reason: the main reason is that the laser end pump laser marking model is not selected correctly, the main board, wiring board, power supply or control line connection and the cooling water circulation system fault.

Troubleshooting: 1. In parameter setting, check whether the laser type is correct, which is the main cause of continuous light failure.

  1. Pull the nine core control line to see if there is a loose control line. The connection is unreliable.
  1. Remove the control wire (nine core wire) from the power supply and press the laser power supply's shooting key to analyze whether the power supply or the main board is faulty.
  1. If the injection is normal, the power supply is not faulty.