My understanding of the carving machine and carving machine is different.

We can often hear the sales staff describe that the precision carving machine has higher configuration and higher precision than the carving machine. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the difference between the carving machine and the precision carving machine.

The engraving machine I know

Engraving is a kind of drilling and milling combination processing from the principle of processing. The engraving machine has a variety of data input modes, which are easy to operate according to the needs. There are two types of computer engraving machine: laser engraving and mechanical engraving, both of which have high power and low power. Because the application range of engraving machine is very wide, it is necessary to understand the most suitable application range of various engraving machines. Low power is only suitable for making two-color boards, building models, small signs, three-dimensional crafts, etc. carving jade, metal, etc. requires power of more than 1500W. High power engraving machine can be used for small power engraving machine. Most suitable for large-scale cutting, relief, carving.

The main categories of engraving machines are: woodworking engraving machine, tombstone engraving machine, laser engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, jade engraving machine, stone engraving machine, cylinder engraving machine, mold engraving machine, micro engraving machine, PCB engraving machine, metal engraving machine, glass engraving machine

The main application industries and materials of engraving machine: advertising industry, craft industry, mold industry, electronic industry, construction industry, printing and packaging industry, wood industry, decoration industry, tombstone industry, crystal product industry, etc. Materials can be used in acrylic organic board, PVC board, Furong board, double color board, wood board, density board, marble, fireproof board, rubber board, glass, crystal, etc.

The engraving machine I know

It is a kind of CNC machine tools. Metal laser engraving machine can be used for non-contact cutting and drilling of metal or non-metal plates and pipes, especially suitable for laser cutting of stainless steel plate, iron plate, silicon wafer, ceramic plate, titanium alloy, epoxy, A3 steel, diamond and other materials. The equipment has the advantages of stable and reliable operation, good processing quality, high efficiency, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

The main categories of precision carving machine are: mold precision carving machine, mobile phone precision carving machine, metal precision carving machine, glass precision carving machine, acrylic precision carving machine, PVC precision carving machine, PC precision carving machine, pet precision carving machine. Fixture precision carving machine, etc

The main application industries and materials of precision carving machine: mold, electronic products, hardware, plastics, jewelry, crafts, furniture, locks, shoemaking, glasses, automobile, mobile phone shell, buttons, middle frame, lens, glass cover, toys and other industries. Materials include steel, iron, copper, plastic, wood, acrylic, glass, ABS, graphite, etc. Suitable for mobile phone shell, mobile phone middle frame, mobile phone back cover, MP3 shell, MP4 shell, screen, mobile power shell, eyeglass frame, plane relief, electronic components, fixture, furniture panel, etc.