Olympic Science and technology: with ultra fast precision laser processing technology, we will join you in the annual PCB flagship event!

Guoao laser, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guoao technology, focuses on ultra fast precision laser processing technology. The core R & D team is composed of the doctoral team in power electronics research of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and combines the teaching and doctoral teams of South China University of technology, Shenzhen University and Guangdong University of technology; The core operation and engineering technical team comes from domestic and foreign elites and experts in panel display, semiconductor, laser, materials and precision automation.

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The core products of Guoao laser include: high power ultra fast laser, FPC precision laser cutting machine, dual platform automatic UV Laser marking machine, automatic roll to piece precision laser cutting machine, OLED laser cutting and glass sapphire cutting system, etc; Guoao technology provides components, equipment and products for PCB / FPC circuit board, panel display, semiconductor chip and other fields. Among them, the self-developed core operation control components dedicated to the field of semiconductor packaging and measurement, professional and high-precision linear motors are in the leading position in the industry in China. The "integrated linear rotary motor" leading the z-axis transformation realizes two degrees of freedom micro nano positioning, soft landing function, and force control resolution of 0.001N, marking the global leading position of the technology; At the same time, thanks to the natural gene and technology precipitation of Guoao technology automation and precision laser processing technology, Guoao UTG ultra-thin glass cover production line has broken through the core key process, becoming the first domestic manufacturer of foldable UTG ultra-thin glass cover to realize automatic mass production.

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Our mission is to make the key technologies in the field of advanced manufacturing purely localized and become a bridge between cutting-edge technology and precision manufacturing.

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With the development trend of electronic equipment becoming thinner and smaller, the format of PCB board is smaller and smaller, and the utilization rate is higher and higher. The two-dimensional code marked on PCB board is smaller and smaller, such as the two-dimensional code of 2x2mm size, which needs to contain more than 20 characters. The traditional heat transfer inkjet printing equipment can not meet the demand for this kind of high-density and small format two-dimensional code mark.


According to the requirements of customers, combined with its own laser technology, Guoao technology has launched a complete set of automatic UV laser marking equipment solutions, which have been successfully applied in actual production.


Guoao technology UV laser marking equipment is mainly used in PCB, FPC, SMT, photovoltaic, glass, film and other industries of electronic components, ceramics, plastics and metal materials. It can automatically mark two-dimensional code on the surface of PCB / FPCB (select the corresponding model according to different format), and automatically mark two-dimensional code, one-dimensional code and characters on various inks such as white oil, green oil, black oil, copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc., so as to help customers realize the traceability of PCB production, technology and quality, and realize automatic and intelligent management requirements, so as to meet the requirements of lean production Quality control, process improvement needs.


Guoao technology UV laser marking equipment is suitable for FPC copper foil and covering film marking.


CVL coating usually refers to PI film, and its marking process requires clear and beautiful string or two-dimensional code on the surface, and does not penetrate the film; The requirement of FPC copper foil is to mark a clear two-dimensional code or string on the surface of the copper foil, which is clear, readable and does not deform. The automatic laser marking equipment of Guoao technology can effectively meet the marking requirements of the two materials.


High efficiency: single code 0.3 seconds (laboratory data), play and read;

Simple operation: equipped with automatic loading and unloading function, saving labor, continuous and efficient production;

MES system online link: the full online MES system service area can be provided by Guoao technology to eliminate the generation of repeated and wrong codes;

Strong anti-counterfeiting ability: strong traceability, permanent preservation;

Environmental protection: no consumables (save printing ink, label printing, labeling and other consumables, save costs);

It can help customers to make 0.12x0.12mm 31 bit two-dimensional code laser marking on PCB board with small format. The recognition rate of two-dimensional code is more than 99.9%, and the marking speed is 25% higher than that of the same industry. It can upload to the database through camera identification, automatically eliminate unqualified products, and realize the product quality traceability of the whole internal process, from the source supplier information to the product delivery data tracking, and the whole process tracking, Maximize product quality and effectively help customers realize the control of automatic production.

At the same time, compared with the previous ink-jet method, it is more environmentally friendly and economical. The two-dimensional code of the mark has good quality, high efficiency and durability. The mark will not be easily erased. The non-contact non-destructive marking will not damage the substrate. It has high processing accuracy and long service life. It can work for hundreds of thousands of hours continuously, and the processing efficiency is fast. A two-dimensional code can be completed within 1 second, and the mark is exquisite, Hand touch in the above no obvious touch, manual operation is simple, fool type processing, access to high praise from customers.