Omnipotent printer, 3D printing, laser engraving, precise cutting sample line, one key control of mobile phone

In 2017, chuangjifang introduced snapmaker, a versatile 3D printer.

The silent anonymous machine made a big hit. It originally raised $50000, but it got 5000 + supporters and finally raised $2277182. It became the top 3 product of 3D printing on KickStarter crowdfunding website.

Unlike other projects, snapmaker's final products are sincere and well received!


Two years later, the team kept improving and launched snapmaker 2.0.

Crowdfunding is coming to an end, with 6000 + supporters and $6633804 crowdfunding, far more than 1.0.

Why the snapmaker series is so crazy, please follow the lens of Chuang Chi Fang to explore this issue of "into science".

Snapmaker 2.0 adopts modular design, breaks through the limitation of 3D printer, realizes three in one, and carries out 3D printing, laser carving & cutting and CNC carving.

  1. 3D printing

Snapmaker 2.0 can use a variety of materials to print items with different characteristics for toughness, durability, or flexibility.

The automatic leveling bed function is used to detect the bed in the grid by induction sensor, and the grid based compensation is applied to level the plane, and the printing can be carried out without complicated processing by the user. The cooling system is redesigned to be able to cool the printing efficiently and obtain the items with deep suspension and smooth surface. The hot bed is designed with magnetic properties, which can easily remove and put back the construction plate. The separation print can only be picked up and bent.

During printing, the filament sensor works continuously. When the filament is sensed to be exhausted, it will pause and remind the loading of new filament to continue printing without destroying the work. 2. CNC engraving

CNC carving is an ideal choice for precise carving or cutting of hard materials. Snapmaker 2.0 can create accurate 2.5D and 3D CNC carving objects, which has faster working speed and larger working space than 1.0.

Snapmaker 2.0 is not limited by the selection of plastic or soft materials. Hardwood, PCB, acrylic, POM, carbon fiber board and other materials can be used as materials for creative projects.

Snapmaker 2.0 has a fully upgraded CNC module, which supports 100+ carving and cutting bits (diameter range 0.5mm-6.35mm). With standard ER11 collet, it can ensure better concentricity, thus achieving faster CNC carving speed and greater pressure reduction, which significantly saves carving time.

  1. laser carving & Cutting

All kinds of materials and items in daily life can be processed by snapmaker 2.0 laser carving & cutting module, including paper, plywood, leather, acrylic, cardboard, fabric, even biscuit and coconut, etc., to color the items.

For laser engraving, snapmaker 2.0 provides a built-in camera that allows users to preview the design on the material, edit the design and position it exactly where they want it.


Combined with the software provided, snapmaker 2.0 can identify personal drawing and convert it into a laser carved or cut vector image, and can directly edit the converted vector image in the software to adapt to all carved or cut works.


Because of the modular design, snapmaker 2.0 can obtain more functions by increasing and replacing modules. The team also plans to launch different new modules to enable snapmaker 2.0 to achieve more creativity.


For example, more powerful laser module, third-party compatibility package, rotating module and longer linear module, etc.


Connect other accessory component modules to extend the function.


A camera that can view progress and status in real time.


Convenient hand wheel module for manual control. Press the emergency stop button. In order to effectively control the continuously extended module system, the team innovatively adopts can bus extension solution widely used in automobile automation, and can support various tool heads, add-on components, multiple linear modules and more functions through a controller, Instead of expanding creativity by adding more ports and making larger panels and tangled cables. The complex module system and function need a simple operating system. The team develops the easy to operate three in one software snapmakerjs.


Combined with the feedback and suggestions of 1.0 users, 18 versions are updated in real time, and many functions such as printing / carving / cutting, SVG editing, relief and multi language support are added, and the operation mode is simplified as much as possible while more functions are realized.


Then, open source will be provided, which allows users to easily add new functions to existing modules with plug-in system, API and tutorial, and even develop new functions for custom modules to build a real modular system.


At the same time, it provides a mobile touch screen to simplify the work flow of daily projects and directly manage the most common tasks from the touch screen.


Linear module is also upgraded, which is easier to maintain. The guide screw, drive chip and precision parts are completely enclosed in the aluminum alloy shell, which solves the problem of fouling accumulation and improves the durability.a