Operation course of Jiaoxin laser engraving machine

There are many jobs that can be done by Zhaoxin laser engraving machine, including engraving advertising words, handicrafts, chassis shell, eyeglass frame and so on. Laser engraving machine power can be divided into size, different power for the material and thickness is different, this we must be clear. Laser engraving machine operation is an important learning content. We should not only be able to operate the laser engraving machine, but also be familiar with the various parts of the laser engraving machine. Laser engraving machine is generally equipped with instructions, before using the laser engraving machine, we need to consult and read to avoid unnecessary trouble.


Laser engraving machine


Installation procedure of the laser engraving machine of pay letter:


  1. Remove the packing box


First, check whether the laser tube is damaged, and then check whether the whole machine appearance is scratched and whether the accessories are complete.


  1. Select the place of installation


  1. The air humidity shall not be more than 50%, and the air shall be well ventilated. Excessive humidity will cause high voltage discharge and damage the machine.


  1. Humidity shall be controlled between 6 ℃ and 32 ℃, and shall not exceed this range.


  1. Good grounding device shall be provided.


  1. Machine installation and commissioning


Connect the water circulation pipe of the laser tube with the cathode and cathode wire, and then put the laser pipe snap ring. Connect the laser power supply with the laser cathode and cathode, and plug in the data line. The laser tube outlet is facing the first mirror; The laser tube must be rubber padded near the snap ring.


Fill the water tank with pure water, plug in the water pump and air pump, and connect the inlet and outlet pipes and the intake pipes. After water circulation for a few minutes, observe whether there is bubble in laser tube, and rotate laser tube to extrude bubble.


One copper conductor with diameter of more than 2m shall be buried in the ground (depth more than 1m), and the other end shall be grounded on laser power supply. Note: it is necessary to be grounded strictly!


Note: check whether the warning system and protection system work normally when connecting the chiller and cutter.


Connect air compressor: the user shall connect the air outlet of drum fan with the air inlet of the machine by using silica gel pipe, and the air compressor will run and the air will be sent out at the outlet of the lens.


The connection of the blower to the machine shall be connected to the air outlet of the cutter, with a maximum distance of 2 meters. Place the blower in the inside to connect with another drum fan pipe and then place it in the outer port. Turn on the power to run.


Control card equipment.


1325 laser engraving machine


Adjustment steps of optical path of the laser engraving machine of Feixin:


  1. Laser tube


Installation of laser tube: take the laser tube out of the packing box and place it on the laser tube base, 0.5-1cm away from the first mirror frame, fix it well, connect the positive and negative poles well, connect the water circulation system, prepare for the start-up and start the machine


  1. One of the reflection systems


Name: first reflector frame


Note: the light of the laser tube should be hit in the middle of the lens


  1. Reflection system 2


Name: second reflector frame


Adjustment method: take a light adjusting block with two sides glued on both sides and keep the two sides of the glue on the other side, and stick it on the second mirror frame to block the lens. The front and rear moving trolley can adjust the three copper screws behind the first reflector frame to make the laser hit a point at the near end and far end of the table, and the laser shall be hit at the center of the second reflector frame


  1. Reflection system 3


Name: third reflector frame


Adjustment method: after the light path of the second reflector frame is adjusted, double-sided adhesive is glued to the third reflector and the light inlet is blocked. The left and right moving trolley makes the laser hit a point at the left and right end of the table by adjusting the three copper screws behind the second reflector frame, and it should be hit in the middle of the light inlet, Move the car around and around to see if the four angle laser in the table is coincident at one point, and hit in the middle of the light inlet


  1. Focusing system


Adjustment method: after the third reflector frame light path is adjusted, adjust whether the focusing mirror is hit at the center of the light outlet by adjusting the copper screw of the third reflector frame. Laser engraving machine sample


Attention to adjustment of optical path of Feixin laser engraving machine:


The adjustment of optical path is that the angle adjustment of lens and light path emission point (the angle between the right time path and lens should be 45 degrees) requires certain basic knowledge, such as: reflection principle of light, the first commissioning person must follow the instructions and consult the technician if necessary. In addition, the laser has certain burn ability and is invisible light cannon, so it is necessary to pay attention to safety when adjusting the light path.


When the reflector is adjusted, the lens in the opposite direction is raised or the lens in the same direction is lowered. Adjust the adjusting screw after the mirror frame synchronously.


The operation flow of the laser engraving machine of Huixin is as follows:


  1. Check whether the wiring at each position is correct.


  1. Plug the water pump power and air pump power supply into the carving machine. Turn on the power supply of engraving machine and check whether the water pump is out of water. The air pump is stagnant.


  1. Place the material on the work table and set the focal length.


  1. Adjust the required light intensity and speed through "self inspection". Self test: press and hold the positioning key until the green light is on, and then press the start key to self test the machine.


  1. Move the light truck to the most material saving position, set the machine to the receiving data state, and wait for the computer data output. Data acceptance status: press the positioning key, then press the start key, and the green light is on, indicating that the machine is in the data acceptance state.


  1. Turn on the fan.


  1. After the computer completes the file, it can be output after the software processing. Check the number of bytes sent (12-20), change the positioning point to the lower left corner in the center of the work, and press start to carve the output. Generally, the cutting time of hook edge is 15-20ma, and the speed is 2-4. The horizontal cleaning is 7-10m, and the speed is 6-7. But it is all determined by the specific depth of carving. Acrylic laser engraving machine


Precautions for operation of the laser engraving machine of Feixin:


  1. It is strictly forbidden to start the machine without grounding. The ground wire of laser power supply must be grounded, and it shall not be connected to doors and windows, water pipes and other facilities, and the ground wire shall be pulled to the ground outside.


  1. After each startup, it is necessary to check whether the submersible pump is out of water, and it is strictly forbidden to start the water pump without water.


  1. The container for water storage should be larger to ensure that the circulating water is about 20 kg. The water temperature is about 25 degrees. The circulating water should be replaced if the water temperature is too high. The circulating water is best used with pure water, so that there will be no sundries when the water is dry. The circulating water should be replaced regularly (three days).


  1. The reflector and focus lens shall be wiped with a special camera lens paper or a mixture of alcohol and ether on medical cotton stick The ratio of ether and alcohol is 1:1) generally once a week.


  1. When carving, it is necessary to turn on the fan to avoid polluting the lens and focusing lens.


  1. In winter, it is necessary to let the water out of the laser tube to avoid freezing and cracking the laser tube.


  1. Because such laser is invisible, inflammable and explosive articles are strictly prohibited near the equipment to prevent fire in the laser deviation.


  1. During the operation of the machine, operators are forbidden to leave without authorization to avoid unnecessary losses.


  1. Because of the laser and high pressure parts in the machine, non professional personnel are strictly prohibited to dismantle the machine without permission.


  1. It is strictly forbidden to place all reflective or diffuse objects in the equipment as the public inspection method, so as to prevent the laser directly reflecting on the human body or inflammable objects.


  1. Do not start when the voltage is unstable, otherwise, the voltage regulator must be used


  1. No use without training personnel. If there is any problem with the machine, please turn off all power supply. Please contact our company by telephone. Our company will send maintenance engineers to your house to solve the problem.