Pay attention to the price gap when purchasing Laser marking machine

There are more and more customers purchasing Laser marking machines, especially for many factories and enterprises. With Laser marking machines, not only the production efficiency is improved, but also the production mode of assembly line is satisfied. When buying Laser marking machines, there are many brands of Laser marking machines, and the functions of Laser marking machines are various. Although there are more and more configurations in the Laser marking machine, we must pay attention to the functions of the Laser marking machine. If the Laser marking machine does not have these three points, we should not buy such a Laser marking machine even if it is cheap. How can we choose?


  1. Different models of Laser marking machines affect the price: different models and materials make different prices

Before purchasing a Laser marking machine, first of all, the material, material, type and type of the products to be marked should be analyzed to determine the suitable marking machine. The reason for considering this factor is not only to better meet the marking demand, but also to avoid unnecessary capital investment.

  1. The quality of the configuration affects the price: especially the laser:

Different configuration of Laser marking machine price is naturally different, the price depends on the quality of the configuration to qualitative. Good laser accessories can bring good advantages to the Laser marking machine. However, in order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers of UV Laser marking machine use very thin iron sheet to make the shell of the marking machine. Generally, users can't see it. However, as time goes on, the frame will deform, affecting the marking accuracy of the Laser marking machine. A good Laser marking machine should adopt frame structure, welded with high-quality section steel, and made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate.

What are the factors that affect the price difference of Laser marking machine.

The price of different brands of marking machine is different, brand determines quality, value determines price. The machine is cost-effective, customers are not only all over the country, the production of Laser marking machine and even exported to overseas, by domestic and foreign customers and friends of a public praise.

With the end pump Laser marking machine set up different prices naturally different, prices based on the configuration of good and bad to qualitative. Good laser configuration has advantages in marking effect, longer service life and more convenient operation. Laser, laser galvanometer and laser marking software should be considered in configuration. The price is different for different models. Before buying a Laser marking machine, we should first analyze the material, material, type, marking content, marking effect of the products to be marked, and whether it needs to meet the production mode of the assembly line. Through these analysis, we can judge whether it is a suitable marking machine. The reason for considering these factors is not only to better meet the marking demand, but also to avoid unnecessary capital investment.