PCB laser marking machine, special model for laser engraving of pcbpcb circuit board

PCB is one of the key components of the electronic industry, known as the "mother of electronic equipment". It is basically the upstream and downstream of all electronic devices and daily necessities, whether it is on mobile phones, computers, tablet computers, monitors, etc., which can use circuit boards, and its main uses are universal. In the production and processing of PCB board, PCB laser marking machine, a special model for laser engraving of PCB PCB board, will be used.

PCB laser marking machine, a special model for laser engraving of pcbpcb circuit board, can produce all kinds of text, mark and pattern design. With its accuracy and coordination ability, it can fill the lack of silk screen processing, and gradually become the best special tool for PCB production and processing. It will play a vital role in the field of circuit board!
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With the rapid development of 3C electronic equipment, today's electronic equipment continues to develop towards lightweight and miniaturization. People's regulations on commodities are getting higher and higher, including the production and manufacturing regulations of PCB. In order to complete the quality management of PCB production process, it has become the development trend of the field to trace the information content such as identifier, one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code on PCB. However, the traditional printing ink bar code obviously can not meet the high-quality production and processing requirements of PCB board for a long time. What replaces it is the special model for laser engraving of pcbpcb board -- PCB laser marking machine.
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PCB laser marking machine, a special model for pcbpcb laser engraving, is more intelligent. It can automatically carry out the technological processes such as feeding, plate picking, precise positioning, marking, process conversion and cutting. It can be connected with SMT production lines of manufacturers, and can also be combined with automatic pipe cutting mechanism to form an offline service center, And then the PCB circuit board automation technology production and processing is completed. CO2 laser marking machine
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CO2 laser marking machine, also known as CO2 laser engraving machine, is an important key component of laser generator, which is divided into laminated glass frequency tube and metal frequency tube. From the perspective of industrial application, metal frequency tube has high cost performance ratio, and its service life can be more than 100000 hours, and its light wavelength is 10.64 μ m. Belongs to the mid infrared frequency band, has a larger output power and higher photoelectric conversion rate, with CO2 vapor as the working chemical substance. CO2 laser marking machine will complete the laser marking according to the beam expander, scanning galvanometer, focus, and finally according to the deviation of the scanning galvanometer. It is an excellent laser cutting equipment with high laser marking speed, which is suitable for most non-metallic materials. The basic effect of marking is to carve out exquisite pattern design, trademark logo, date, logo or text according to the volatilization of surface chemical substances and exposure of deep chemical substances. At present, CO2 laser marking machine is mainly used in some places with more detailed regulations and higher precision. It is used in food, medicine, wine, electronic components, integrated circuit chip (IC), welder household appliances, mobile communication, decorative building materials, PVC pipes and other fields.