Pocket laser engraving machine, personal customization is so easy

No matter how good-looking the products are, many brands are aware of this problem, so they provide lettering services, such as apple, ugg and Lv. These beautiful skins seem to have an interesting soul. In the past, it was very troublesome to personalize personal belongings. It took professionals to operate professional machines to complete it. Now it's simple. Pocket laser engraving machine comes out! If you install an app on your mobile phone and connect it with Bluetooth, you can laser carve words or patterns on many objects.


The size of the fuselage is only 65 * 61 * 53mm, and the weight is only 190g. Although it's small, it has the functions of laser engraving machines with tens of thousands of yuan, and it's easy to operate, such as engraving a contract manifesto on the mobile phone case.


The materials supporting carving are rich, including: cardboard, cork, cloth, felt, leather, wood, plastic, EVA seal, etc. Unfortunately, hard materials such as metal and stone can not be carved. Put the object to be engraved under it and input the pattern on the mobile app to start carving.


Engrave your own name or logo on the wooden tray for special use. Before carving, the image can be previewed without worrying about the size and position of carving.


Fruit can also be engraved on it. I feel that in the future, fruit will be scattered in dog food. Single dogs may not be able to bear the damage. It's too sweet.


Some friends like to bake at home, such as cookies and macarons. With it, you can easily carve a personal brand logo or cute small pattern on these desserts. The object to be carved does not have to be a plane. It is also possible to have a certain arc of bulge or depression.


Make a football seal, put it on your hand, and pretend to be on the spot when watching a football match. It's OK to increase the atmosphere~


You can adjust the intensity and engraving depth on the app.


Through the adjustment of carving depth, the cutting effect is achieved. It's so cute to make a cup cushion with hair claws!


With the cutting function, DIY can produce creative decorative paintings.


It has strong mobility and can be used even when connected to the power bank.


Standard models include: mainframe, tripod, glasses, charger. The supporting app supports Android and apple phones.


In addition, several accessories are available. For example, the protective cover has its own focusing function and blue light protection, which is convenient for naked eyes to observe the working conditions, more convenient and safer. It also has an exhaust fan and a filter screen to filter the smoke generated during carving.


Another accessory is the ultrasonic detector. When an object enters the engraving range in the engraving process, the machine will stop working immediately to ensure the safety of users.


You can also buy a luxury Accessory Package separately, including the following~