Price of laser marking machine

The laser marking machine is a kind of mark added by laser on the surface of various different chemical substances. The marking effect is based on the volatilization of surface chemical substances and exposure of deep-seated chemical substances, or "engraving" the mark according to the change of organic chemical state of surface chemical substances caused by solar energy, or burning part of chemical substances according to solar energy, It shows the pattern and text of ion implantation. Because the high temperature is chosen to achieve idealization, it is transformed into heat treatment, such as optical fiber wire, semiconductor materials and CO2 laser lettering machine

1. Completely off-line automatic control system, get rid of the liberation movement of electronic computer, at the same time, can also be on-line practical operation, reduce the cost of capital investment on the computer, one person to care for several machines and equipment, complete mass production.

2. Select excellent DSP control system, continuous and rapid curve laser cutting. Above is the common problems and maintenance methods of pneumatic marking machine

3,32m of running memory, can immediately memory several job documents.

4. Produce and process technology immediately, connect with a variety of drawing software, and easily complete a variety of processing regulations.

5. USB transfers data and two-way communication.

6. Carry out light loss compensation (offset compensation) automatically in the whole process of manual carving and laser cutting to ensure the consistency of production and processing in different areas. weaponry

7. The light intensity is fully automatic. With the change of the refractive index of the fitness exercise curve, the laser fitness exercise is fully automatic. At the same time, the light intensity of the laser also follows the change at the same time, so as to ensure the consistent production and processing quality of the line drawing and the laser cutting angle.

8, can carve independently by hand, can cut independently by laser, can also carry out at the same time.

9. The fitness exercise speed and laser kinetic energy can be adjusted in production and processing, which is convenient for customers to operate.

10. Mobile phone software has complete functions, including: excellent color management method, arbitrary definition of production and processing sequence, short way to improve, smooth solution of graphics, strong connection point writing, collage connection and analog output, etc.

2、 Advantages of laser marking machine

1. It can process most metal and non-metal materials.

2. Laser is a kind of pedal type "numerical control blade" to carry out production and processing. It does not cause extrusion molding of mechanical equipment or ground stress of mechanical equipment for raw materials. It has no "numerical control blade" damage, non-toxic and very little air pollution.

3. The laser is very thin, so that the cost of raw materials to be produced and processed is small.

4. In production and processing, it is not easy to cause X-ray as ion beam negative electron and other production and processing methods, and it will not be affected by electrostatic field and electromagnetic field.

5. The practical operation is simple, the application of microcomputer numerical control processing technology can complete the production and processing of automation technology, can be used for production and manufacturing, can carry out high-speed operation and high efficiency production and processing of parts, can be used as a part of soft production and processing system software.

6. The application of high-precision operation platform can carry out meticulous micro production processing.

7. The application of microscope or shooting system software can carry out observation or supervision on the surface of the product. What are the differences between pneumatic marking machine and laser marking machine

8. It can produce and process its internal parts beyond transparent chemicals.

9. Can use prism, reflector system software (for laser generator can also use optical fiber line photoconductive system software) to gather the light to the inner surface or skew surface of the product workpiece to carry out production and processing.

10. It can identify bar code, data, identifier, pattern design, etc.

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Advantages and functions of laser marking machine

Laser marking machine is a kind of laser marking machine, which is based on the laser to carry out laser marking on the surface of different chemical substances. Laser marking machine is widely used in several industries, such as electronic components, hardware products and auto parts. How can laser marking machine be so widely used and what is its role? Let's take you to know.

1、 Advantages of laser marking machine

1. Saving lamp

The diode has a long life of up to three years, measured by eight hours of daily work.

2. Energy saving

The function loss of laser marking machine is only 2kW, and the power consumption is low.

3. The logo is good

The laser produced by hydraulic piston pump has good monochromatic property, good laser mode, small spot after focusing, centralized kinetic energy and good identification. Open the rear cover of the housing

4. Maintenance free

Laser marking machine is basically maintenance free, greatly increasing the reliability of machinery and equipment, reducing the amount of daily maintenance labor.

2、 The function of laser marking machine

1. Shoes, bags, leather goods, leather jacket

Laser marking of leather products materials, mainly image, sometimes outline together must be hollowed out carving, individual customers must add the whole volume of materials, perhaps a large total area of leather jacket, can be laser marking, the overall planning of production and processing than the title text, must be accurate.

2. Ingredients

Packaging laser marking, the main production date and serial number laser marking, must cooperate with the production line. The higher one is to adjust the laser marking speed according to the full-automatic detection transmission speed of the inductor, so that the laser marking can be done accurately even if the speed of the conveyor belt is uneven. It has strong adaptability to office environment, especially the integrated controller of fiber laser cutting is packaged in PC hard disk box

3. Laser marking on computer keyboard

Light transmission function keys on mobile phones and laser marking on computer keyboards. In general, it is necessary to cooperate with the production line.

4. Button laser marking

Mainly in the epoxy resin, plastic buttons above the enterprise or logo, must be arc typesetting design.

5. Laser marking of denim fabric image

The laser marking range is wide, the output power must be high, the title text must cooperate with the two axis movement.

6. Hardware tools, rolling bearings, die castings, sanitary ware, faucet laser marking

Laser marking of metal materials, mainly company logo and serial number.

7. Laser marking of jewelry
mini laser engraving machine for metal

It is mainly used to make metal materials, and the production of work clothes must be accurate. There must be accurate small red dots, accurate positioning.

8. Laser marking of tipping paper in cigarette work

The rapid laser marking is mainly to make equal spacing microporous plate on the tipping paper of the filter cigarette holder, and the size of the hole is the spot size.

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Basic knowledge and price elements of fiber line laser marking machine

For the optical fiber line laser marking machine, those who don't know about it are likely to think that it is a machine and equipment used for marking. In fact, there is nothing wrong with that understanding. Next, I'll popularize the professional knowledge of fiber line laser marking machine.
Micro laser engraving machine

In the whole process of system software application, attention should be paid to the maintenance of machinery and equipment on time, so as to maintain it in a good running state. Maintenance work can be carried out according to the customer's own situation.

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