Price of laser marking machine and common problems in purchasing laser marking machine

Laser marking machine has been used in China for nearly 30 years. The hardware configuration of laser marking machine in the early stage is mainly imported as the leading factor. The whole mechanical production process of laser is immature, and the sales market is in immature condition. The laser marking technology is only used for unique industry application, and the whole mechanical engineering cost is very expensive and the socialization degree is small, Even if some unique industries have hard demand, most customers are forced to accept the standard equipment of the merchants, which immediately causes many laser marking machines to be more expensive than their own use value. But now it is different. With the help of our country, the production technology of electronic optical components is becoming more and more perfect, and the domestic production and manufacture of various parts and accessories are getting higher and higher. With the rapid development of the production and manufacturing field of China laser marking machine, the price of laser marking machine has declined sharply, while the quality is getting higher and higher. In the war with imported parts and equipment, Chinese laser developers have successfully built laser marking machine equipment belonging to our Chinese people by virtue of their own overall strength.

After nearly 30 years of development, how much is a laser marking machine in China at present? Next, let me give you a detailed introduction to the price of laser marking machine and the price change of various hardware configuration facilities.

No matter which commodity, high price performance has always been a key element in various sales markets. Nowadays, the development trend of laser marking machine seems stable. In fact, the sales market and price are in disorder. The reason is that everyone has different standards for laser marking machine selection, and the quality of laser parts is uneven, There will be different price differences, so only when the group selects the same domestic equipment, the price is very different. Therefore, in the case of selecting and purchasing laser marking machine, you don't have to ask the price. If you ask "how much is the laser marking machine" immediately, don't ask me "how much is a plane" and "how much is a cruise ship"“ How much is a car? The first thing to be clear is when you choose a laser marking machine:

1. what is the laser marking machine used for;

2. what is the material produced and processed by laser marking;

3. if there is no reference standard for competition among peers, it is necessary to make clear the actual effect to be achieved;

4. if finishing is involved, we must also understand the thickness of raw materials and the deep and later production and processing steps that must be achieved in laser marking production and processing;

5. how much is the specification of production and processing category;

6. the production capacity (per minute, hour, day) must be about the production and manufacturing amount;

7. if it is a laser marking, you must know how long the line speed is / minute;

8. laser marking is very important, some are man-machine to war fusion, some are automatic production, some are limit switch production and manufacturing.
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Grasp the above content, and give it to the business staff, it is not easy to go into the business, will definitely choose their own cost-effective laser cutting equipment.

Laser marking machine is not the original industrial equipment. Laser marking machine can decide its own equipment and price according to the production and manufacturing requirements of customers. 20000 can be processed without 100000 yuan. However, it must be 100000 or hundreds of thousands of machine equipment. If tens of thousands of machines and equipment are needed to be taken down, the difficulty coefficient is undoubtedly much larger, Or it won't be able to get it. The salesman will give an early range of segment prices as reference according to the basic production and processing requirements you give. If the price must be detailed, they must also go through the process of sample shooting. Test products shall be tested, production capacity is expected, and the most suitable laser marking machine and equipment shall be selected. The Internet can often see real price stores, such as "6000 XX laser marking machines". Basically, all of these machines and equipment are pitiful. Even if they are bought back, they are unlikely to be completely upgraded. Maybe they are renovating mobile phones or machine equipment that has been replaced by the sales market. It may take 2 months to buy them and they can not be used again. Even if they are guaranteed service guarantee period, But maybe they can't contact the salesman. Basically, these prices are not tax tickets, and they don't sign all reasonable contracts. Therefore, it is impossible to ensure that the machine and equipment can operate smoothly for a long time, and it is unlikely to have high-quality after-sales service.
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The price of laser marking machine varies according to the different parts. The price of UV laser marking machine is generally about 5W to 35W. According to different production and processing, the system configuration is different, such as scanning galvanometer, field mirror and laser manufacturer. The price will be different. The price of CO2 laser marking machine is generally 3W to 25W. How can there be such a big difference? Basically or because of different application fields. For example, the laser marking of copper sheet paper and laser marking of coated paper products is different. The laser generator required is different, and the price difference will be very different from thousands of pieces. The price of the laser marking machine is 2w-15w, the same, or the hardware configuration is different, such as the laser manufacturer, the output power of the laser generator, the scanning galvanometer field mirror and other hardware configurations. Naturally, this is a general section only for reference, the key or the purchase of laser marking machine must establish the production and manufacturing requirements.
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To select laser marking equipment with guaranteed quality, we must select the company to establish a company with a fixed period. Such enterprises generally have guarantee in after-sales service. There is no doubt that the product quality has no doubt that if the quality is not too good, the enterprise is unlikely to open for so long. There is also a need to sign a reasonable supply contract. Whether you purchase it by yourself or by an enterprise, you must have a standard supply contract.