Price of Laser marking machine and matters needing attention in purchasing Laser marking machine

Laser marking machine has been used in the domestic market for nearly 30 years. The hardware of the early Laser marking machine was mainly imported. The production technology of the whole laser machine is not mature, and the market is in an immature state. The laser marking technology is only used in special fields, and the cost of the whole machine is very expensive, and the degree of marketization is small, even if there is rigid demand in some special fields, Most buyers have to accept the seller's conditional configuration, which directly leads to the price of many Laser marking machines higher than its own value. But now it is different. With the support of the state, the optical device manufacturing technology is more and more mature, and the localization of various accessories is higher and higher. With the rapid development of domestic Laser marking machine manufacturing industry, the price of Laser marking machine is lower and lower, but the quality is higher and higher, Domestic laser developers rely on their own strength to build their own laser marking equipment.


After nearly 30 years of development, how much is a Laser marking machine in China? Let's talk about the price of Laser marking machine and the price change of various hardware.


No matter what kind of product, cost performance has always been the main factor in various markets. Now the development of Laser marking machine seems to be stable. In fact, the market and price are still in a state of chaos. The big reason is that everyone has different standards for choosing Laser marking machine. Because the quality of laser parts is uneven, there will be different price gaps, So we have the same domestic configuration when we choose, but the price is very different. Therefore, when you choose to buy a Laser marking machine, don't just ask about the price. If you directly ask "how much is the Laser marking machine", don't ask "how much is a plane" or "how much is a cruise ship"“ How much is a car? "When we choose a Laser marking machine, we first determine the following requirements:


  1. Purchase Laser marking machine to do what;


  1. What is the material of marking processing;


  1. If you want to achieve any effect, you'd better have the reference standard of the same industry. If not, you must describe it clearly;


  1. If deep processing is involved, it is also necessary to know the thickness of marking processing materials, the depth to be reached and the later processing flow;


  1. What is the size of processing range;


  1. Capacity requirements (per minute, per hour, per day) about how much production is needed;


  1. In case of flight marking, it is necessary to know the line speed of M / min;


  1. Marking mode is very important, some are man-machine combination, some are automatic production, some are limit production.


Master the above content, and provide to the sales staff, basically will not be disorderly into the pit, will choose their own cost-effective laser equipment.


Laser marking machine is not an inherent mechanical equipment. Laser marking machine can determine its own configuration and price according to the production demand of customers. If it costs 20000 yuan, it doesn't need 100000 yuan to solve, but it needs 100000 yuan or even hundreds of thousands of equipment. If you want to use tens of thousands of yuan equipment to solve it, it will be much more difficult, or it can't achieve it at all. The salesman will provide a large range of price range for reference according to the basic processing requirements you provide. If you need a detailed quotation, you usually need to go through the proofing stage. Provide samples for testing, estimate production capacity and select the most suitable laser marking equipment. On the Internet, you can often see businesses with clearly marked prices, such as "one XX Laser marking machine 6000". This kind of equipment is basically deceptive. Even if you buy it back, it can't be brand new. Maybe it's a refurbished machine or an obsolete equipment in the market. If you buy it back, you can't continue to use it for two months, even if you promise a warranty period, But maybe we can't contact the salesman at all. This kind of price is basically not invoiced, and we don't sign any effective contract. Therefore, there is no way to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment, and it is impossible to have high-quality after-sales service.


The price of Laser marking machine is different according to the configuration of parts. The price of ultraviolet Laser marking machine is generally about 5W to 35W. According to different processing needs, the hardware configuration is different, such as galvanometer, field mirror and laser manufacturer, the price will be different. The price of CO2 Laser marking machine is generally between 3W and 25W. Why is there such a big gap? It is basically because the industry application is different. For example, ordinary paper marking and coated paper marking need different lasers, and the price gap will be several thousand yuan. The price of fiber Laser marking machine is between 2W and 15W. Similarly, the hardware is different, such as laser manufacturer, laser power, galvanometer and field mirror. Of course, this is an approximate interval, which can only be used as a reference. The key is to make clear the production demand before purchasing Laser marking machine.


If you want to choose the laser marking equipment with guaranteed quality, you must choose the company with established years. This kind of company is usually guaranteed in after-sales service, and the product quality must not be said. If the quality is not good, the company can not be opened for so long. Another is to sign an effective purchase contract. Whether you are purchasing by individual or company, you must have a standard purchasing contract.