Pulsed laser welding machine tool.

In recent years, people's understanding of laser welding technology is that the positive laser pulse is used to heat the solder area locally, and the energy diffuses into the solder through heat conduction, so that the solder melts and forms a special welding pool.

The company adopts laser welding technology to improve welding efficiency and reduce welding cost.

The popularity of laser machine is more important than ever. It is easier to obtain, more affordable and faster than other welding technologies.

When the laser marking machine carves the bottle cap or the plastic bottle itself, it does not need too deep power supply.

Different depths can be set for different types of plastic packaging.

Today, the editor of Wenzhou Pentium laser company introduces to you:

Long life fiber laser has higher peak power, smaller printing current and longer service life.

The average lifetime of the fiber laser can exceed 10000 hours.

According to the operation rules and requirements of the equipment, the user should strictly operate and maintain the laser, which is of great help to prolong the service life of the laser equipment.

Even under certain impact, vibration, high temperature, dust and other conditions, the device can still work normally and quickly.

Using ultra-high speed ammeter and optimized software and hardware control system, the ultra-high speed marking of fiber laser marking system is realized.

The system has the characteristics of high pulse power, low power consumption and low operation cost.

Using semiconductor matrix pump as fiber laser marking system, the energy conversion efficiency is greatly improved.

The company considers applying laser welding technology to automatic welding and welding consistency, so as to improve welding efficiency and reduce cost.

Compared with other welding methods, laser welding has better availability and affordability.

In order to effectively improve the work efficiency, improve the work efficiency of laser welding machine in the automatic welding of welding consistency, reduce the cost is an important factor in all welding applications.

5. Choose the right fixture.

The selection of clamping mode mainly depends on the structural characteristics of the parts to be assembled and welded, the certainty of clamping position, production efficiency and specific welding process requirements.

Metal light engraving machine.

This is an unknown or undeveloped option as there are laser welder applications.

Because laser welding is asymmetric contact welding, it does not need the external pressure of the weldment, so it can better protect the original shape and physical characteristics of the weldment, and ensure the surface quality.

Excellent laser equipment manufacturers can better solve these welding process problems, improve the welding quality, reduce the welding cost of users, and improve the production efficiency.

In addition, the maintenance cost of small laser cutting machine is low, no auxiliary gas is needed, easy to maintain and low cost.

Next, the editor of Pentium laser technology will give you a detailed introduction.

Companies usually focus on technological progress to achieve these goals, but many of the work may not consider laser welding, nor the high or complex cost of laser welding.

Now, with the development of application technology of laser welding machine, it is easier to obtain and accept laser welding machine than ever before.

The invention also has the advantages of high production efficiency, fast return on investment, etc., and is especially suitable for thin plate welding in high-tech enterprises.

With it, you can easily carve a personal brand logo or cute little patterns on desserts.

The object to be carved is not necessarily a plane.

There may also be some curves or depressions.

Metal light engraving machine.

With the development of China's railway construction, highway construction, water conservancy, hydropower, energy, mining, construction and other major projects, the annual demand of China's construction machinery market will reach more than 100 million, and in China's construction machinery industry, large thick steel plate laser cutting machine will be widely used.

With the rapid development of global laser manufacturing technology, the gap between China and the international level is widening.

At present, the domestic high-end laser processing equipment almost all rely on imports, and the market share of foreign products is as high as 50%.

Green laser marking machine is a kind of laser marking equipment.

Glass, crystal products used in the surface and internal engraving commonly known as laser engraving machine.

The utility model is controlled by a computer and combined with the standard software to realize the marking effect, and can conveniently realize the docking with the database system.

In the marking software, the marking content can be modified according to their own needs, no matter the picture or text can be easily controlled, and it is better than the traditional ink-jet printing, plate printing, adjustment, repeated cycle consumption.

Laser marking machine uses the energy of laser technology to mark objects.

No need to consume other raw materials, no pollution and secondary resource consumption.

It is also superior to the traditional cost control process.

Sale of laser engraving machine.

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