Qingdao marking machine manufacturers buy Ruifeng constant green laser marking glass kettle

With the improvement of glass production technology, glass kettle is widely used in our life with its durable and exquisite characteristics. Of course, the past marking technology has been unable to meet the quality requirements of the current glass kettle, so many manufacturers are looking for new marking technology.


Ruifeng constant green laser marking device has received extensive attention in the marking industry because of its short pulse, high beam quality, high peak power and other characteristics. Green laser marking device first has a small wavelength, which determines that it has high-quality beam, small focus spot, can achieve the requirements of ultra-fine marking of glass products, small characters can even reach 0.02mm.


Secondly, the green laser marking device has fast marking speed and high efficiency, which can be used continuously for 24 hours, ensuring the carving accuracy and stable performance, and the marking effect is better.

In addition, the most outstanding advantage of green laser is to change the shortcomings of the past ink marking device which needs consumables and the marking characters are easy to be erased, and the use of laser printing can always leave printing marks. Combined with the above characteristics, green laser can play its outstanding advantages in glass kettle marking, which makes many marking manufacturers remember it.

A Qingdao marking machine manufacturer, after purchasing ruifengheng expert III 532 green laser and putting it into use, sent back high evaluation feedback, and expressed admiration for ruifengheng's spirit of daring to surpass, dare to innovate and dare to pursue, saying that ruifengheng is a rare conscience enterprise.

Expert III 532 series water-cooled green semiconductor pumped pulsed solid-state laser developed and produced by Shenzhen ruifengheng Laser Technology Co., Ltd. has a power of 35W. This series of lasers are especially suitable for glass marking, film etching, metal oxide layer breaking and other surface processing of most metal and non-metal materials.

Features of expert III 532 green laser:

  1. The laser wavelength is 532nm, and the repetition rate covers a wide range (single pulse to 200kHz)
  1. Excellent beam quality (M ²< 1.2) in all frequency ranges; Pulse width< 25ns@50k The heat affected area is very small
  1. Unique Q-switch control technology, suitable for all kinds of laser application control needs;
  1. Full digital intelligent power control technology, simple operation and convenient monitoring
  1. It can communicate with computer and control laser through RS232; Integrated design, convenient for equipment integration