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What you mean by RMI is Java RMI (Java Remote Method Invocation)

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An application programming interface for remote procedure call. It enables programs running on the client to call objects on the remote server. The remote method call feature enables Java programmers to operate in a distributed network environment.

CORBA is to package the program code developed by other languages and the information about the ability of the program code and how to call the program code into a package. The objects in the package can be called by other programs (or CORBA objects) on the network. In this sense, CORBA can be regarded as a machine-readable file format, similar to the header, but with a lot of information.

RMI remote method call is a kind of communication mechanism between computers by using remote objects to call each other. Using this mechanism, objects on one computer can call objects on another computer to get remote data. RMI is the backbone of Enterprise JavaBeans and a convenient way to build distributed Java applications.

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Simple example:

  1. First, create a model layer for the service. Note that because this object needs remote transmission, it must inherit serializable
  2. Create the remote interface personservice. Note that the remote interface needs to inherit remote
  3. Establish personserviceimpl to implement remote interface. Note that this is a remote object implementation class, which needs to inherit unicastremoteobject
  4. Set up the server, register the RMI communication port and communication path in the server, then communicate with javac command to compile files, and register the service through Java - server command.
  5. Take the following code as an example, if the project is built on the D: \ \ RMI \ \ remotingservice folder, first enter D: \ \ RMI \ \ remotingservice \ \ SRC > javac RMI / remotingservice / program.java to get the program.class, and then enter D: \ \ RMI \ \ remotingservice \ \ SRC > javaRMI / remotingservice / program to start the service.
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6. Finally, the client is set up for testing, and the RMI path that the client calls must be consistent with the server configuration.