Russian ceramic customers buy ruifengheng S9 UV laser in full

The application of laser marking is more and more widely, basically all walks of life have gradually introduced the application of laser marking, which is used to permanently mark the user-defined logo on their own products, and the bathroom ceramic industry is no exception. In recent years, more and more ceramic laser marking is used.


It is difficult to use laser to mark ceramic materials, because it is difficult for ceramic to absorb laser, but it is very easy for Ruifeng constant UV laser.

In laser marking on ceramics, the color should be determined according to the color of the ceramic itself, and it can also be black. One of the key points of bathroom ceramic marking is beauty, so if you want to make other colors on the ceramic, you need to use some auxiliary means. Ceramic laser marking paper can be used. The usage is to wet the marking paper, paste it on the ceramic, and then use the Laser marking machine to make the desired picture after air drying. What color is the marking paper, what color is the picture. The other method is to use paint for laser marking, but the principle is similar to before.

However, it is more labor-saving to use Ruifeng constant UV laser to describe the pictures on ceramics, and the mass production power is very high, which can greatly improve the yield, save production costs, and save a lot of manpower and material resources.

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Jack, a customer from Russia, newly purchased ruifengheng S9 UV laser is used to mark the logo or text of bathroom ceramics.

Although it is far away from thousands of mountains and rivers, ruifengheng relies on its excellent brand influence in China, plus ruifengheng S9 ultraviolet laser“ ± 002mm, high precision, small size, high stability and high cost performance are the advantages. Although Jack didn't visit the company on the spot, he won't worry about the whole model.

Ruifengheng S9 UV laser from the procurement - quality control before production - rigorous assembly process - finished product testing - warehousing quality inspection - inspection before delivery - after-sales service, layer upon layer to ensure stable quality and equipment parameters consistent with the actual operation parameters. The whole process is produced in the sealed and dust-free workshop to ensure that all electronic components are dust-free and free from pollution.

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In addition, the power supply matched with the laser is jointly built by ruifengheng domestic and foreign professors and doctoral teams. As we all know, the relationship between power supply and laser is one-to-one. The stability of power control system determines whether the laser can maximize its performance. Ruifengheng has the advantage of independent research and development of power technology, so it can timely update the power control system function module, and improve the function module according to the laser demand.

Therefore, stability and long life are the foundation of stable quality of ruifengheng.