Should I buy a CNC machine or laser cutter?

It's almost the same. I work in a shipyard. If it's numerical control, unless you make more than one hundred and two hundred thousand yuan a year, and if you work as a part-time worker, it's up to 3000 yuan.
laser engraving machine for wood

Some technologies are very profitable, and you have to work hard to learn everything. Do you have such perseverance and perseverance?

You can learn advanced technology, such as shipbuilding drawings, or assembly, piping, and so on. I'm in the shipyard
plastic laser engraving machine

Work, I am a set of drawings, mainly CAD, January 7000 yuan! I've been studying for three months. I've mixed with others for a few years

Month, now I can work independently!

There is also learning programming it, but to learn deep to have a big development.
plastic laser engraving machine

You can also learn about machinery, mold, numerical control, auto repair, accounting, sales, and solutions. If you are proficient, you can get 3000-4000 yuan a month,

If you feel tired and dirty, I suggest you learn advertising design. It's very simple, but it depends on

Work hard on your own, practice often and do the topic!

I've also learned graphic design, mainly PS. if you learn this for half a year, you can open it yourself

Well, it's not a problem to make 100000 a year.

And then there's architecture. Decoration, computer design and so on!

Personal feeling CNC machine tools. Machine tool, also known as tool master, is used to process various parts and assemble them into machines with specific purposes. With China's industrialization, the future equipment manufacturing industry is the development direction.