Simple and detailed introduction of fiber line laser marking machine

1. In the production and processing of our company, we often see the laser marking machine, which accounts for most of the equipment, all of which are fiber line laser marking machines. The actual operation of the fiber line laser marking machine is very easy to get started, and the learning and training is simple, which is more in line with your requirements. Heat treatment position can be selected and manipulated

The price of laser marking machine is relatively higher than that of pneumatic marking machine.

For all of you, fiber line laser marking machine is a characteristic of the application, operability, relatively speaking, all more personalized goods. Individual customers must add the whole roll of materials

2. In the selection and promotion of the actual operation, the optical fiber line laser marking machine uses excellent light shape. In the laser marking machine industry, its function characteristics are relatively stronger than those of other models and specifications, and its application performance and actual operation characteristics have significant advantages and disadvantages.
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On the basis of the basic principle of practical operation, we can make it work as fast as the speed of light.

3. Its key machinery and equipment operation promotion is in the integrated circuit chip integrated IC, computer accessories, in addition to industrial production of rolling bearings, electronic devices and communication equipment can also see its shadow. Its main use is not only this, but also in many industries, such as aerospace parts, various auto parts, household appliances and so on.

It can be said that the development strategy has been basically put into the whole laser marking machine industry.

4. As a leader in the industry, we need to pay attention to the artistic beauty and comfort of shape. Its volume is exquisite and beautiful, and it can achieve 410 * 200 * 270mm weapons and equipment. The basic principle of the application is light machinery and equipment, so in the level of power consumption, it is also the first of a kind of laser marking machine, the choice of convenient home, small power consumption measurement.

5. The laser marking machine with dual system software and machine equipment uses a huge water cooling system without high pressure, and uses a near USB interface for output control. Using the basic principle of light to carry out the fast operation of the optical principle scanner, even in the whole process of application, the laser frequency is high, or can not show its shortcomings.

Or is still fast and extreme, not all aspects of sakazaki change.
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6. As the application plan, the laser diode is used as the required hydraulic piston pump source. It is used for nearly 100000 working hours, and the working time is still long. And its running speed is 2-3 times that of the traditional laser marking machine. But special attention is paid to the small volume of the fiber line laser marking machine.

Therefore, in the whole process of actual operation, we must pay attention to avoid the fiber line fracture.
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Once the bending level of the optical fiber line has reached 300 mm, the result will be that the system software can not work normally. It is also necessary to maintain the back cover plate given by the system software, so as to be careful that the internal photoelectric devices are polluted by dust. Otherwise, the system software of the laser generator will suffer from common faults, and the operation will be changeable, and there is no guarantee. Laser marking machines are mainly divided into fiber line laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, semiconductor material laser marking machine (now selected), ultraviolet laser engraving machine, green laser engraving machine, three-dimensional laser engraving machine and YAG laser marking machine.