Software of laser marking system

The short pulse (USP) laser generator with picosecond laser and femtosecond laser is generally called the ultra fast laser generator. They are famous for their ultra precise removal and laser cutting. Unfortunately, it takes time to solve this type of laser generator. In order to better address this problem, the new scientific research and new project supported by the European Commission is committed to increasing the rate of raw material production and processing with extremely fast laser generators up to 100 times.

The very fast laser generator can do something very different: they can burn almost all the raw materials, and not easily cause the heat consumption of the adjacent raw materials. even if it is μ M, their orifices are also smooth and free from melting. All of this makes the ultra fast laser generator very interesting in the field of special tool production and manufacturing. In this field, it is necessary to produce hard raw materials with high precision.

Now a new laser marking machine has been able to produce metal materials or plastic surface which can be used to resist pollution and hydrophilicity, and can quickly replace harmful paint materials used in ship building coatings, so as to prevent algae plants or barnacles from sticking to the hull, thus reducing maintenance cost, fuel cost and carbon dioxide consumption.

With the new optical quantum learning technology, a group of European biologists have developed and designed a 1kW lattice type ultra fast laser system software. The software can imitate the skin of great white shark, and create a surface layer with stronger hydrodynamics effect according to manual carving of metal materials or plastic surface.

The new laser system software etchs and processes fine "hard thorns" on metal or plastic, creating an uneven surface at an external economic level. This kind of uneven surface can reduce friction resistance and inhibit the growth and development of bacteria, algae and even barnacles.

Rattan on hull, paint off

The skin of the great white shark is covered by hundreds of fine particles (tiny raised scales), which reduce friction resistance and make it an efficient sprinter.

Similarly, the surface of metal materials or plastics carved by hand can have the characteristics of "pollution resistance", and can avoid the adhesion of air pollutants or microbial strains.

Biologists behind the £ 4.7 million laser project look forward to transforming the steel hull into a unique design that can help reduce natural material costs and replace harmful marine paints that are harmful to the natural environment.

"The surface structure produced by laser production has the potential to reduce friction and avoid the growth and development of green plants and algae," said Dr. johannesfinger, a new project assistant. This can significantly reduce the cost of ship maintenance, maintenance, CO2 discharge and natural materials, and at the same time replace the harmful building coatings harmful to the natural environment. "

"In addition to the open water components, the main purpose can also be found in airports and turbocharged machinery. Here, surface construction is likely to inhibit cavitation and thus increase the life of propulsion system software or turbine generator aircraft propellers. "

"Self alignment can also create design patterns or" micro cavities, "said Dr finger's graduate student. Here, the natural environment benefits from the technical nature of substituting the natural environment that is harmful (e.g. organic chemical etching)

The laser generator can burn all raw materials without easily destroying it. The surface layer of laser cutting by using extremely fast laser generator is μ The smooth surface layer of M-class is an ideal choice for many fields which must be used for high precision production and processing of hard raw materials.

Dot array laser generator
Stainless steel laser engraving machine

As the old dot matrix copier prints out in a row, the laser generator will send out extremely fast centralized kinetic energy single pulse to burn or laser cut raw materials that cannot be processed.

The system software is similar to a large flag disk, which can divide the individual light into 64 "small light" grid diagrams, which can turn on, turn off, accurately locate and independently adjust any small light. Dot array light

"The current ultra fast laser generator is famous for its precise burn loss and actual laser cutting effect. Unfortunately, it is likely to take weeks to produce large and medium-sized parts with such laser generators. Your system software can burn more than 150 cubic mm in a minute, and thus hundreds of times faster than the current technology. " Dr. finger said.
Glass laser engraving machine

Universal use

The ultra fast laser generator means the exciting improvement of surface technology, and has a variety of universal applications:

Special tools and tooling - with the increase in total production, USP moulds and tools are now available to produce manufacturing machine equipment, such as manufacturing vents or microcavity, and to make the patterns on random bevels more cost-effective. The manufacturing machine and equipment of special tools and die shells is the first industry to certify the technical nature.

Automotive industry - based on the technical delivery of USP surface treatment, high production capacity is given for the use of film optics for indoor lighting, automotive dashboard and its artistic aesthetics and touch structure.
Micro laser engraving machine

The popularization of USP technology in electronic equipment will improve the characteristics and stability of the complex and excellent electronic components. The manufacturing of technical porcelain according to USP's embedded holes and technical porcelain for excellent performance electronic products will be improved significantly.

Packaging printing and printing press - with more economic development and rapid production line, USP packaging and printing system software has the potential to significantly improve packaging printing of electronic devices, accurate printing of film optics and high-precision special tools production and manufacturing efficiency.