Some common knowledge about laser engraving machine

Let's talk about the concept of laser engraving first. Then what is laser engraving? In the traditional concept of sculpture, what we understand as sculpture is to imagine the teacher holding a knife or power tools to chisel out exquisite patterns.


So the so-called laser carving is the use of laser technology to carve. The principle is to use the laser heat to burn or to make the surface of the carving chemical changes to produce engraving marks.


Compared with hand-held tools, the advantages of laser engraving machine are that the engraving words and patterns can be controlled, the size can also be controlled, and the engraving patterns are relatively fine. The disadvantage is that it is not as three-dimensional as manual physical carving. So laser engraving machine is mainly used for shallow marking.


Now that the concept is clear, let's talk about the structure of the laser engraving machine. To realize the engraving function of the laser engraving machine, the main requirements are as follows


It mainly needs software to control several parts of mechanical transmission laser light source. As a human-computer interaction page, the software is used to edit pictures and text, adjust parameters and start stop.


The traditional engraving machine is driven by mechanical drive, and the part is driven by stepper motor or servo motor. Of course, due to the characteristics of laser, many modern machines have used galvanometer system to control the laser position by controlling the tiny movement of the angle of the lens


Laser light source is the core part of laser carving. The characteristics of light source decide the material effect of laser carving. The energy has a significant influence on the depth and speed of laser engraving


Classification of light sources for laser engraving machines


At present, the common light sources of laser engraving machines are CO2 light source, optical fiber light source, violet light source, green light source and diode light source. The laser wavelength is different, and the carving efficiency is also very different


  • the CO2 laser engraving machine is mainly suitable for carving materials including wood, leather, plastic and other non-metallic materials


  • optical fiber light source class, the main carving materials are metal or materials with high density of paint surface. Wood is generally not good to carve unless it is very dense and hard to carve


  • purple light source is a relatively high-end light source, which is very fine and has a wide range of carving


  • green light source, we may have seen many stereoscopic images in the middle of acrylic, which are usually carved with green light source. Can carve transparent glass and other materials


  • diode light source, which is originally a stage lighting source, has achieved gorgeous turn in the laser carving industry. Its carving principle is a little similar to the cigarette head under the sun of the magnifying glass.

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Selection standard of laser engraving machine

I believe that many friends who want to buy laser engraving machine are most concerned about this problem. We all hope to choose and practical laser machine type with economic benefits. So you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of various laser machines before choosing

CO2 laser engraving machine: it has the advantages of wide wood, leather and plastic rubber, high power, fast carving speed and high precision. The disadvantage of the machine is generally heavy in 40-50 kg, not convenient to move, the general price is moderate suitable for the factory

Optical fiber laser engraving machine, with high precision and high speed, is suitable for batch operation in the factory and can connect with the factory automatic production line. The defective machines are generally more expensive, about 15000 yuan, and the volume is relatively large and the weight is more than 30 kg

  • purple laser engraving machine, advantages: the carving material is broad, can carve metal, but also can carve non-metal. It can be used in a machine. The price of the defect is expensive, because of the characteristics of violet light source, the machine is generally more than RMB 20000-30000, and the machine is also relatively heavy. Suitable for high end manufacturing

Green laser engraving machine, which can realize 3D carving 3D positioning carving. The disadvantages are also large volume and expensive

  • diode laser engraving machine, the advantages of low price to less than 1000 yuan are generally not higher than 3000 yuan, small volume and convenient to move. The disadvantage of carving is slow, and can not carve pure metal. Due to the speed limitation, it is generally more suitable for personal DIY household, or small and medium-sized businesses to customize in small quantities