Some common sense about laser carving.

First of all, we introduced the concept of laser carving, then what is laser carving? For the traditional concept of carving, what we understand as carving is to imagine a master holding a knife or electric tool to carve a beautiful pattern.

So we call it laser carving, which is to use laser technology to carve. Its principle is the use of laser heat burning, or chemical changes in the carving surface to produce scratches.

Compared with the laser engraving machine, the advantage of hand-held tool is that it can control the text and pattern, as well as the size, and the carved pattern is also relatively fine. The disadvantage is that it is not as solid as physical sculpture. In this case, laser engraving machine is mainly used for shallow marking.

This concept is very clear, we also talk about the structure of laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine to achieve the function of carving, mainly need to.

The system is mainly realized by software controlling several main parts of laser light source. The software is used as man-machine interactive page for editing pictures and texts, adjusting parameters and starting.

The traditional engraving machine is driven by stepper motor or RF motor. Of course, due to the characteristics of laser, many modern machines have used galvanometer system to control the position of laser by controlling the micro movement of lens angle.

Laser light source is the core component of laser engraving machine. The characteristics of light source determine the material effect of laser engraving machine. The size of energy has a significant impact on the processing depth and processing speed of laser engraving machine.

Classification of laser engraving light sources.

Now the common light sources of laser engraving machine on the market are carbon dioxide light source, optical fiber light source, purple light source, green light source, diode light source, etc. Its laser wavelength is different, the carving efficiency is also different.

These CO2 laser engraving machines are mainly suitable for engraving wood, leather, plastic and other non-metallic materials.

·Optical fiber light source category, the main carving materials are metal or paint surface density material. Wood is generally not easy to carve, unless the density is very high hardness can also carve out.

·Purple light source, is a relatively high-end light source, carving is very fine, carving a wide range.

Green light source. We may have seen many intermediate stereograms of acrylic, which are usually carved with green light source. It can carve transparent glass and other materials.
Glass laser engraving machine

·Diode light source, originally used for stage lighting, has achieved a magnificent turn in laser carving. Its carving principle is similar to that of lighting cigarette ends under the sun of magnifier.

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Selection standard of laser machine

I believe many friends who want to buy laser engraving machine are concerned about this matter. Everyone wants to choose an economical and practical model. Therefore, we can understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of models before purchase.

CO2 laser engraving machine: it is suitable for engraving all kinds of leather, rubber, wood and other materials, with high power, fast engraving speed and high precision. The disadvantage is that the machinery is bulky, generally 40-50kg, inconvenient to move, and the general price is suitable for factory use.

Optical fiber communication laser engraving machine, with the characteristics of high engraving precision and high speed, is suitable for batch operation in factories, and can be connected with factory automation production line. Disadvantages: the general machine is more expensive, about more than yuan, larger volume, weight more than 30 kg.

Laser engraving machine, advantages: a wide range of engraving materials, both metal and non-metal engraving. It is possible to use more than one machine. Due to the characteristics of purple light source, the disadvantage is that the price is expensive, the machine is generally more than 20000-30000 yuan, and the machine is also heavy. Suitable for high-grade manufacturing.
Micro laser engraving machine

The advantage of green laser engraving machine is that it can realize three-dimensional positioning engraving of three-dimensional engraving. The drawback is that it's too big.

Diode laser engraving machine, the advantages of price as low as 1000 yuan below, generally not more than 3000 yuan, small size mobile. The disadvantage is that the carving speed is slow and it is unable to carve pure metal. Because of the speed limit, it is generally more suitable for individual families or small and medium-sized businesses to customize or customize in small quantities.