Technical characteristics of Zhuhai double position lithium battery laser welding machine

At present, the market of new energy lithium battery industry is booming. There are many kinds of lithium battery laser equipment in the industry. Laser cutting machine (precision cutting machine), laser welding machine (YAG and optical fiber), laser laser engraving machine (optical fiber and UV marking machine) are widely used


However, although laser equipment has strong versatility, it is also a segment industry. Some equipment may be suitable for high-end and some for low-end. For example, some welding machines are only suitable for jewelry or some relatively simple welding processes. They can't make products with relatively high process or high difficulty. Therefore, we need to choose professional equipment. For example, optical fiber and YAG are laser welding machines, but they are essentially different. Laser wavelength is not the same, his light working form is not the same, it determines the effect of his product processing will be different

engraving machine

Double position lithium battery laser welding machine one laser, two worktables are closely combined, and the laser head can swing left and right, which means that two sets of fixtures can be placed. When working on fixture a, the material of fixture B can be loaded. After the work is completed, it will automatically switch to fixture B, and then the material of fixture a can be loaded. This repeated operation can greatly improve the productivity efficiency, And we use the soft light path, not the traditional hard light path, so the welding effect is very good, there will be no fish scale. In the positioning, we can also design an industrial camera with CCD visual positioning to capture and upload data, and then fine positioning to determine the welding accuracy of the product

laser engraving machine for metal

Features of double position laser welding machine:

  1. The open double position laser welding platform can control two positions (a position and B position) by one person, with five axis linkage.
  1. The cooling medium can be purified to prolong the service life of the device and make daily maintenance more convenient.


  1. It has no pollution, small heat affected zone and small deformation.
  1. Fine welding, large depth, small welding degree and high precision; The appearance is smooth, flat and beautiful.
  1. It is controlled by PC and aided by special software; The operation is simple and easy to learn; It can weld any figure.
  1. No consumables, small size; Flexible processing and low operation cost.
  1. CCD liquid crystal monitoring and observation system can clearly observe the product positioning and welding effect according to the red light.